Soulja Bai fixing dog pen

May 21, 2020 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists 0  , Source - Kaieteur News Online - https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-bai-fixing-dog-pen/

Dem boys seh…

Dem boys want to know wha Soulja Bai deh pun really. Nobody hear from him a lang, lang time. Dem boys start to fuget what he face look like and some of dem even start wondering if somebody holding he hostage.

Other people wonder if he was like one of dem voters who he party seh migrate.

Dem boys believe he gat nuff questions fuh answer. But dem boys nah getting’ chance to ask he dem questions. Rather, he go into a backroom and talking to one man and de two of dem laffing by themselves. Is a big gyaff.

Dem boys wan know if he still in control or odder people calling de shots.

Dem boys can’t understand how the country spending all dat money to fix up de dog pen to fight COVID-19.

Dem boys remember de story of a man who mooma and poopa sick. De man had the money fuh pay de hospital bill fuh help dem. But de man use de money fuh renovate he dog pen.

He then end up at he neighbor fuh borrow money fuh help he pay de he parents hospital bill.

Is jus suh wha happening in Guyana. De guvment wasting billions of dollars fuh renovate a dog pen which owned by a private man. Dem boys seh dat is stupidness when you think how much building guvment own all round de country.

De guvment seh how dem fixing the dog pen up fuh fight de virus. But dem gat to go and beg dem farrin’ people fuh borrow money. Dem farrin’ people seh that dem nah lend because de guvment nah fit and prappa yet.

Dem boys wan ask Soulja Bai if he instead of fixing he own roof wha ah leak, whether he would spend de money fixing a dog pen and whether dat gun mek sense to he.

Talk half and wait fuh see when next Soulja Bai gun surface.

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