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Some people declaring dem candidacy but not dem age

Oct 27, 2021 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News -- Source - Kaieteur News Online -- https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...acy-but-not-dem-age/

Kaieteur News – Dem wah fighting fuh become leader of de Pee-N-See only telling we bout how dem better dan each other. Dem throwing jabs at one another and telling we how dem long and loyal to de party.

One ah dem done gat plans fuh Soulja Bai sehing how Soulja Bai mek mistakes and he nah gan mek de same mistakes. But he nah seh wah is de mistakes. Dem boys wan know if accepting de GECOM declaration is one ah dem mistakes and, if nat, wah was the right things fuh do.

Nuff talking does generate hot air. And we gat alat ah dat at de moment.

But nobody nah talking dem age. One man does decide he gan form wan Elder’s Council but he nah seh whether in a couple years time whether he gan qualify fuh membership.

De whole thing is a charade. De Pee-N-See nah gat no internal democracy. Every election does gat it own confusion. And when yuh think is election, it does tun out to be selection.

A man in Canada nah even wait fuh see the full nomination list. He done decide who he voting fuh. It mek dem boys remember de time when de Justice fuh None Party nah get no votes at de polling station way dem Prime Ministerial Candidate did vote. De big laugh was dat either de man vote spoil or he vote fuh somebody else.

But deh gat candidates wah beat de odds. One time a man had to compete in wan election against a cancer patient. He tell he supporters how he know he nah gan win de sympathy vote. But he still had de best campaign slogan: “Vote for me, I won’t abandon you in two months.”

Talk half and tell de contenders fuh state dem age!

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