Some of us do not approve, Bishop Edghill
September 15, 2011 | By KNews Letters

On the question of the celebrations planned for President Jagdeo, His Grace, Bishop J. Edghill is reported to have said two things that struck at the core of the Christian World View.

First, the Bishop said that he was following a biblical principle of giving honour where it is due.
However, what the Bishop did not say was that all scriptures must be taken in particular contexts. Otherwise, they can be open to any number of interpretations, including ones that can mislead people. Honouring leaders is a Christian principle but not just any leader/s. Many of them were also rejected.
The second dimension to that is his comment was very subjective, while he proffered that it was not. I am not aware that consultations were held with Christian leaders on this question of celebrations.

He, Edghill, does not represent the collective voice of the church. Therefore he is speaking for himself and his church.
The second point must therefore be by what authority is Bishop Edghill including all within the Christian community in these celebrations, where it is likely that the organisers will feature music that the church certainly does not approve of.

If Bishop Edghill wants to honour the President or anyone for that matter he is free to do so, but please do not include all in the Christian community in this event, because some of us do not approve.
Observing Pastor
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