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FREDERICK RAMPERSAUD- Celebrating today 18 years of ‘Music from the Heart’  : Entertaining large crowds from the time he was a nine-year-old

FREDERICK Rampersaud, a television and radio personality known locally for the past 20 years or so, has been used to entertaining large crowds from the time he was a nine-year-old when family and friends got together to party he performed the role of DJ. 

Rampersaud, also known as Edward or ‘Eddie,’ was raised on the West Coast Demerara at Vreed-en-Hoop and lived obliquely opposite the Regal Cinema. When he started as a DJ, vehicles would line all across the road with their drivers liming and listening to his music.
Frederick believed that it was this passion for music that he had and his interest in listening to the radio from a young age that made him turn out to be one of Guyana’s longest standing and successful broadcasters.
Growing up, Frederick attended the St. Swithen’s Anglican Primary before securing a place at Richard Ishmael Secondary. He had in mind taking up several careers such as becoming a preacher, a chartered accountant, a lawyer and a broadcaster, but opted for the one he found his passion in.
Back in the days when television was not so popular, Frederick loved listening to the radio, especially to the cricket commentators. Furthermore, he recalls Matthew Allen, who hosted a programme of old love songs that he enjoyed. “And I wanted to be a Matthew Allen,” he told Chronicle in an interview a few days ago.
Recalling how his career really had its start when he was just nine-years-old, he said his father bought a music set that played powerfully and an aunt from Eccles had several records that he borrowed. A neighbour also had a lot of CDs that he got the uses of.
About two years later, he started to be the DJ for house parties and at about 13 years old, he started playing for weddings. These were mostly weddings of family members or friends and he played on a non- commercial basis, he explained. It was just for the fun of it.
“It was like a little boy on the set and people were going crazy. That was the kind of attraction I carried from since then. Since as a small guy, I entertained a large amount of people,” he said.
Frederick doesn’t DJ anymore but now enjoys his job of hosting in excess of 20 radio and television programmes. A few include Forgotten Melodies, Salaam Namaste, Tesri Manzil, Survival Senior Citizens and Healthy Living Show, Reality Check, Sporting Spotlight, Entertainment Guide, and Lunch Date Special.
Even when he was employed at Republic Bank Limited, he hosted three programmes from Friday evening to Sunday. But now, he is able to devote himself entirely to his programmes.
In fact, Frederick is proud to be celebrating the 12th anniversary of the popular ‘Music from the Heart’ programme on radio. Prior to this, it was aired on television for six years! The first show he co-hosted was ‘Rapping with the Public’ on what was Channel 12.
Within his first six months as a talk show host, he recalled a special interview he did with the late President Cheddi Jagan at State House for one hour. Then he went to Trinidad and interviewed the first female Attorney General, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who is now that country’s Prime Minister.

Sponsored Programmes
Frederick is proud of the fact that 90 percent of his programmes are sponsored and so he believes this is a good indication that he does quality work.

“I have been able to entertain a wide cross section of Guyanese and from all around the world. I have to be good to survive because people are paying for me to do them. It means they like my work and are getting returns in their business,” he said.
Frederick believes in being honest and humble and that a person must practice what they preach.
“I recognise I am nothing. Whenever they call and praise me, I always say there are people better than me that never got a chance. I am here because God allows me to be. Give God the grace. I see myself as a very down to earth character and I think people respond to my love.”
His goal is to eventually be able to give back to the society by forming a ‘Frederick Rampersaud Foundation.’ The idea will be to help those in need, such as unfortunate kids, but it will have to be embraced by the corporate community.
Written By Telesha Ramnarine

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Frederick celebrating 18 years of ‘Music from the Heart’ 

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