allegedly poisoning girlfriend’s children

Three children, ages two, four and nine are currently in a stable condition at the New Amsterdam Hospital after they fell sick from alleged poisoning.

A New Amsterdam man is on the run after he allegedly provided his girlfriend’s three children with a soda that contained a poisonous substance to drink yesterday (Wednesday, May 10, 2017).

The three children which are students of the New Amsterdam Primary School, Savannah Park Nursery School and a 2-year-old resides at Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam.

According to information reaching the News Room at about 12:30 hours on Wednesday, the mother of the three children, 29-year-old Sabana Leacock visited the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D) of ‘B’ Division where she reported that she and her boyfriend whose name was given as Rafeek Rambarran had a heated argument earlier in the day.

Sabana related that as a result of the argument, she took her three children to her mother, Isbells Leacock who was at the Amerindian Hostel in New Amsterdam and left.

News Room understands that moments later, Rambarran visited the children and provided them with a bottle of “Icee drink” which they shared among themselves. However, minutes later the grandmother noticed the three children were frothing from their mouth and alerted other occupants of the hostel who made effort to call the police.

Efforts were also made to transport the three children to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital to seek medical attention. While at the hospital the three kids were examined by a doctor on duty and treated for poisoning. They were admitted for observation and is said to be in a stable condition.

However, the police in B Division are still making effort to have the suspect arrested.

Investigations are ongoing.




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This is a very sad situation and after this guy returns from  jail if caught, he might still want to get even with the woman.

Some people in Guyana have difficulty coping with personal challenges. They lash out without thinking  and are not fully knowledgeable of the law and consequences to themselves, to think before doing these things.

How does the lady protect her children 24/7 and if he is successful next time, it might be the lady's turn to get even  and everyone loses.

If he is abusing alcohol and drugs, he might be  in another world  and don't care, with  hateful emotions that is driving his actions.   

He deserves to rot in jail for the longest time, leave him just enough time to then rot in hell.  Not only did he harm the kids, he had the time to think of it and actually do all the steps to carry it out!  This is attempted murder in the first degree!

A New Amsterdam man who is accused of poisoning his three step-children ages two, four and nine, was yesterday morning arrested by ranks in Berbice.

Arrested: Rafeek Rambarran

Rafeek Rambarran is presently in custody assisting with investigations.
Reports are that Rambarran threw a poisonous substance into a soft drink and gave it to the minors.
The children have been identified as 9-year-old Anesha Leacock, 4-year-old Natalia Matheson and 2-year-old Atalia Leacock, all of Mai Mai Dam, Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam.

According to reports, at around noon on Thursday, the children’s mother, 29 year-old Shabana Leacock, made a report at the Central Police Station, CID, that her boyfriend (Rambarran) had poisoned her three children.
The woman stated that she and Rambarran had a misunderstanding that fuelled a heated argument and as a result of the quarrel, she took her three children to their grandparents’ place of residence, the Amerindian Hostel in New Amsterdam.

She related that she placed her three children in the care of her mother and left. However, a short while after Rambarran visited the hostel and gave the three minors a bottle of “Icee drink” which they shared among themselves, while he talked with them as normal.
It was minutes later that their grandmother noticed something was wrong when the children began frothing. She immediately alerted the other occupants of the hostel and arrangements were made to transport the children to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

A medical examination carried out by the doctors at the hospital confirmed that the minors had indeed ingested a poisonous substance. They were treated and later admitted for observation. They are still hospitalized at the medical institution.

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