From time to time I get emails from people enquiring about registration on the Discussion Forums and why they were rejected etc.

Rather than email each person every time to answer their questions. I have put together some basic questions and answers here.

Q: I tried to register but your system says that my email address is banned. I did not do anything wrong and was never a member here, why am I banned?

A: It is nothing against you personally, chances are that you are using a free email address. We do not accept registration from EVERY free email addresses. Try using a non-free email address, such as your internet account provider, your workplace or college.

Q: I registered but have not been approved as yet. Why is it taking so long?

A: There are several reasons for this.
(1) You may not have replied to the verification email portion of your application.
(2) The approval process does take some time and NOT every application is guaranteed acceptance.
(3) Your choice of user name was not acceptable, be prudent when selecting a user name, some choices we have seen are really not acceptable.



Q: I am a member but I can no longer gain access to the forum.

A: If you are a member but you have not been logging in to the forum for a very long period example 2 years, we might purge your membership. So we encourage you, even if you do not want to post, at least make the effort to log in with your name and password and keep your membership active.

Could also be a browser problem on your computer or your place of employment has blocked your access.

Q:How do I contact the administrator of the Forum if I have a problem?

A: There is a Contact Us link on the forum.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions.



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Just a reminder, when you register for the forums, you must verify your email address, failure to do so will result in cancellation of your registeration after a few days.


People are registering but they are not following through with the instructions sent to them.

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