Slap cheap–$10,000 fuh one

Feb 09, 2018 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists,

A young, fat cop guh in front of a de Chief Magistrate fuh slapping up a woman inside a minibus. De magistrate, who is a woman, fine de cop $10,000 and give him three months to pay.

Dem boys want ask de magistrate if dem slap a man if is de same $10,000 fine. De reason fuh this question is because dem boys got a lot of people dem want down some slap cross dem brain.

Number one is Soulja Bai. He got to get a lot, because he got a lot of people conning him wid awee oil wealth and he playing a stupidy game.

Jagdeo too got to get more than one slap. At $10,000-a-slap dem boys don’t mind invest a million. That is only 100 slap. He gun walk li’l giddy, but he gun get li’l more sense.

Fuh sure Trotty got to get a ton of slaps because everywhere he go and ee open ee mouth, he don’t tell de truth. Dem boys got to slap he cross he mouth and ears.

De Baccoo is de next one. He got to get slap cross he head. He is de one wid de e-mail that seh Guyana should wait till Exxon hammer we, den we must talk.

All of dem does lie. When dem get back up against de wall dem does grin like dem prostitutes. Dem boys intend to borrow de lie detector robot wha a man buy de odda day.

De man buy de lie detector robot that does slap people when dem lie. He decide to test it out at dinner one night.

At de table, he ask his son what he do earlier that afternoon. De son seh, “Daddy, I do some schoolwork.”

De robot slap the son. The son seh, “Ok, Ok. I was at a friend’s house watching movies.”

Dad ask, “What movie you watch?” Son seh, “Toy Story.” De robot slap de son again. Son seh, “Ok, Ok, we were watching “dirty stuff”.

Dad seh, “What? At your age I didn’t even know what “dirty stuff” was.”

The robot tun round and slap de daady.

Mommy laugh and seh, “After all, is yuh son.” The robot dig a slap in de mudda.

And that is why dem boys plan fuh buy it and mek Exxon pay fuh it.

Talk half and mek sure Exxon don’t put that robot cost on Guyana’s tab.

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