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At the launch of the party, we had sent out a letter to all of the other parties to have talks with them - Only one did not respond guess who?

I don’t know why anyone would take it seriously when you are a new untested party yet to develop and prove a following!

I can see why the PPP never responded!  What would the conversation be about?  Shuman needs to build up his party and demonstrate some type of intrinsic value!

PNC sees an opportunity to fiddle with Shuman and do some window dressing!  I begin to doubt the motives of Shuman!

Is like you going out of your way to buy a new purple suit but still end up wearing the old one. 😀

This move makes Shuman seem like he is not ready for prime time.

Yes bai, me gatt two purple suits.  Ask yuh “Liker”, she bin like dem suits!!

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