Shootings at two Masjids in New Zealand

Baseman posted:

What you are seeing is a rise of White Christian extremists primarily a reaction to groups like ISIS.  Unfortunately, it’s the innocent who pays.  

Say it like it is....What you are seeing is a rise of White Christian extremists primarily a reaction to......Trump's call to violence because he is not getting what HE wants .  

Prashad posted:

Mr. T made an important point.  There have been many Christians that were killed by Muslims in Egypt and I noted in Iraq during the recent years.  These are Christians that are native to both of these two countries.  That belonged to Christian communities that existed from around 3AD. Now I ask myself why is there almost no mainstream Western media coverage of the multiple killings of Christians by Muslims in these areas and the only explanation that comes to my mind is because it is Arab killing Arab.

What does George Habash a Palestinian Christian and Abu Nidal a Palestinian Muslim have in common?  They were both terrorists, both were Keffer's freedom Fighters, both were Palestinians and most importantly both were Arab.

I visited Israel and Palestine for the first time two weeks ago.

Before you start labeling the Palestinians ( both Christians and Muslims) as terrorists, you need to spend one day in their shoe to experience what type of condition they are living under due to Israel.

The first time I witnessed police carrying open heavy duty machine guns was in Kingston, Jamaica back in the 90's and I was surprised.

In Israel soldiers are riding  motor cycle with machine guns strapped to their shoulder.  They are leaving their cars carrying guns. 

I guess when you are a thief you always have to look over your back.

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