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Deadly shootout: Miner was trailed after collecting cash from Sheriff street businessman


The Police have confirmed that two armed bandits who attacked gold miner Deon Stoll, resulting in his death on Monday morning, did not manage escape with anything.

Stoll, 44 years, of Essequibo Coast and Barima Avenue, Bel Air, Georgetown succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital shortly after engaging in a shootout with a bandit in front of El Dorado Trading at Lot 63 Da Silva Street Kitty Georgetown at about 10:15hrs.

According to the Police, Stoll and his driver Clayton Powley, 43, went to a business place at Sheriff Street, Campbellville, transacted business, collected a sum of cash and then proceeded to El Dorado Trading to conduct another business.

Bloodstains at the scene of the incident

Upon their arrival at El Dorado Trading, they were attacked by two men whose face were tied in handkerchiefs. The men exited a white motorcar which was traveling behind Stoll’s vehicle.

One of the bandits, armed with a knife, approached Powley while the other approached Stoll with a handgun.

The News Room understands that the suspects told Powley to get out of the car while the told Stoll not to retrieve his firearm.

In CCTV footage, it was seen that Powley managed to push the car door towards the knife-wielding bandit and exited the car. Powley pushed the suspect away and the gun-toting bandit shot him to his right arm.

Police said Stoll drew his firearm at this moment and engaged in a shootout with the bandit.

Stoll received gunshot injury to the right side pelvic.

Unsuccessful, the bandits then ran and joined the car which had a male driver and they made good their escape driving West along Da Silva Street and turned south into Vlissengen Road.

Police said the 40-year-old security guard of Elshootout: Miner was trailed after collecting cash from Sheriff street businessman

Baseman posted:

I know I’m not being totally fair as I was not there.  However, how did the driver not notice they were being trailed?  That car was on their tail, at least the bit we saw!

Good Point, many businesses owners ignore their surroundings, they operate care free. This incident is a good example. 

The business err also, they should have a arm security guard outside to protect their customers and themselves. 

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