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Is PNC who closed down the sugar industry.  Dem can’t run Shyte. 
Dr ALI will reopen the estates and save Indos from PNC genocide and racism. 
Thank god that PPP started oil exploration.

PNC can only fete, sport, wine down, rape the constitution and ignore the law including CCJ ruling. 

How many years will that take ? looks like you want Indos to continue with that back breaking work , they have slaved enough , time to find other work .

Oil exploration was started years ago , new technology make it possible to drill deeper and extract.

Frenno, honestly I have a problem with your statement here. First, not only Indos working in sugarcane fields. Secondly, while it's indeed backbreaking work it provides jobs to thousands of young men who didn't do well in school and couldn't acquire other skills.

You and I know that in every school there's a percentage of non-achievers. If manual jobs weren't available in sugar estates there would have been an unemployment crisis with mammoth social problems.

Let's assume your dream materializes and sugar industry dead fo good. You think the oil industry would accommodate those thousands of non-achievers who leave school every year?

But sugar dead fuh good. 

It never coming back wid them dilapidated infrastructure and outdated equipment. If the PPP is the one to revitalize the industry, then it is the opportunity for their corruption.

The PPP lying to the Indian people. Indians muss know that CBJ was going to kill the industry back in the late 40s. In 1992, the PPP victory did not revived the industry considering the cannibalizing of the industry by the PNC. Instead, Jagan tossed into Guysuco some real big time Indo crooks. Rape would be a decent word, the Indians got real fvcked. And soon coming again.

Hey hey hey!   Abie pon tap!!

Dr Irfaan Ali PhD😁 and the head honcho Dr will ensure that abie endure!!

Jagan and his posse of losers tek back seat!

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