Dernie is not a democrat. Bernie is an Independent. He should

Abu Jihad posted:


I have said before, Bernie is not a democrat. Why is he trying to get the democratic nomination? People are stupid to think Sanders will give them free health care and college. With Russia helping him, he will turn America into another Russia. Maybe Trump was the one who had Russia helping him.

While Bernie is an Independent, he always caucus with the Democrat so it is perfectly fine for him to run as a Democrat. In fact, even more fine than Bloomberg. But that is not the issue. The issue is that while he has given his entire civic life to unselfish causes, he may not possess enough support to chase Trump out of the While House. Bloomberg does because he can garner support from all three major segments of US voters.

Just as in America, politicians are basically Democrats or Republicans (even Independents pick one of those sides) so in Guyana there are really no third party. Everyone is either PPP or PNC.