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@Wildflower posted:

Nice, real nice.

He toured Toronto many years ago, din know who was. Just dismissed him as not being a Mukesh or Rafi. But he really good and very respected by Pakistani singers.

Later, I will add my selections to your thread.

Sweet , Sweet, what a way to start my day. Will put it up on Bluetooth and fill my studio with his voice. Thank you.

@cain posted:

The Portuguese dude with guitar is my bro. He used to play with The Originals (Queen Yasmin was the vocalist)

Looks like I saw him somewhere

maybe when hellfire performed in TO…we used to go to a lot of concerts.

one time bossman got in trouble for joining us… I think it was Tradewinds.

we should have a thread with Guyanese music…all genre

@cain posted:

They were here once for Caribana and played various clubs.

Definitely saw him if he played in the band with queen yasmin aka hellfire

i think she also performed at a Guyana independence celebration back in the day

is she still alive? Let me play β€œ canal gyal plantain” now that she on me mind