Riff our friend is dead bai

Nehru posted:

Vish, I will forever be grateful to my hero. He is the reason I could have gone in Guyana Stores during lunch break from SChool, look over the whole Playboy Magazine and have a Rocket in my pocket.

From school days you needed help to get your rocket going?



STASI: Playboy Philosophy should die with Hugh Hefner, the 20th-century beast who preyed on young beauties

    Linda Stasi
    Friday, September 29, 2017, 1:40 PM

    He was Ugh Hefner.

    I come to bury Playboy, not to praise it, him or his fairytale philosophy.

    Now that Hugh Hefner is dead, passing away Wednesday at 91, the liberal elite are lining up loud to laud "Hef," as the great free thinker and free speech advocate.

    Hello? Buying into Hef's advocacy of free anything is as dumb as believing there is free lunch and free sex. Everything has a price.



    There was not then and there is not now anything free about the Playboy Philosophy — at least not in today's hopefully more enlightened era.

    What was free about offering well-built farm girls fame-and-fortune in return for being kept like concubines of the Viagra-fueled fossil-in-pajamas?

    Sorry, but the man who put the "ugh" in "Hugh" did more to objectify women and keep them in their places than any single man of the 20th century. And we shouldn't praise him or his "legacy." We should, however, try to remember that "Hef's" real legacy was one in which men deserve big bucks, fast cars, fine wine and even finer women to service them.

    The Life and Times of Hugh Hefner

    In a nutshell, the Playboy Philosophy is, as was written about by William F. Buckley, who contributed to Playboy back in the day, "A man's morality, like his religion, is a personal affair best left to his own conscience."

    Hugh Hefner will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe

    What about a woman's?

    Hefner's stated idea was that women were just as liberated to enjoy sex as men. Right. Than why were women, or in his parlance "girls," (as opposed to "men") the ones who worked at his clubs dressed as rabbits with cleavage?


    Hefner did more to objectify women than any single man of the 20th century.

     (IAN WEST/AP)

    "Liberated" women were for six long decades depicted in his magazine as sex objects valued for massive boobs, not massive brains.

    That wasn't sexually revolutionary, that was sexually reactionary. It wasn't freeing, it was enslaving.

    Here’s what Hugh Hefner said in his final interview before death

    He gave the repressed men of his era the fantasy hope that women existed for their pleasure — sleeping with the girl next door was every man's birthright. Birth-wrong, bud, birth-wrong.

    That dream of being rich and serviced by nubile young women did become for at least one man — Hefner — his reality.


    That dream of being rich and serviced by nubile young women did become for at least one man — Hefner — his reality.

    Then horrifyingly, it became his reality show. The very creepy "The Girls Next Door" centered around Hef's three then-current "girls" who were at the beck-and-maul of the Dracula-like being he'd become in his decaying mansion.

    It was so revoltingly sexist to watch that it made "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" look like The National Review.

    Hugh Hefner remembered fondly by friends, employees he inspired

    As one of Hefner's "girls," Holly Madison, later wrote in her memoir, "He knew roughly four things about each girl: her name, her age, where (approximately) she was from and how well she behaved and followed the rules."

    Yes, Hefner lived the fairytale after all: Beauties and the Beast.

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