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Demerara_Guy posted:
Django posted:

Good that is understood ,regarding the appointment of the GECOM Chairman.

Since Patterson resigned ,the rest is history and elections is on March 2, 2020 . Which there was some doubts in your mind.

Patterson had to resign because his appointment was in violation of the Constitution.

Succinctly ....

1. Leader of the Opposition MUST submit a list of candidates the president to select a person or reject the entire list.

2. If the entire list is rejected, the Leader of the Opposition then resubmits another list for consideration .

3. Only when the Leader of the Opposition fails to submit/resubmit a list of candidates, then the President can unilaterally appoint a Chairman.

What happened ...

Granger rejected the lists submitted by the Opposition Leader and unilaterally appointed a Chairman; a gross violation of the Constitution.

These dicktakers should realize that one day the tables would be turned and the shoe would be on the other foot. Den do fuh do nah obeah. But knowing the PNC, it'll be rape, kick down doors, rob, kill, slash and burn.
Hope there is a dark strong underground force to neutralize this when it happens.

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