Remembering friends and families that you lost this year

I thought it might be a good idea for us who have lost a loved one this year to pen a few words as a kind of mini obituary. It's the least we can do to let other visitors share your loss, and your respect for the person.

I'll make a start.

The first person I would like to mention actually passed away last December. Dave was about 75. He helped me a lot in recent years with critical comments of some of the items that I designed. He discovered late in life that his dad was not his real dad. He did some research and found his real dad. He then had his surname changed to that of his real dad. It caused a lot of trouble in the beginning.

In February another good friend passed away after a poor recovery from an operation. He had had a bad throw of the dice in life, but I won't bother you with the details. To end it all, last year an uncle of his passed away and left him and his brother around U$4million. He was hoping to use some of the money to buy his daughter a house, and then spend a bit on himself. He called me in February to tell me that he had an operation and was going to come down to London in the summer to see me. But unfortunately it never happened. John helped me in the early part of my business. He had a lathe on which he could make one off metal parts for me to try out on my designs. He would drive 5 hours to come and visit me for a drink and smoke, and then drive back home in Wales. I regret not having been able to make it to his funeral. His daughter only informed and invited some of their family.

In March the brother of my dad passed away. The two of them fled Germany at the beginning of WWII. My uncle went to Australia, and then the US.  My uncle was part of a team that invented something. He made money out of it at the time and retired as soon as he could. He then bought a house in Las Vegas where he lived until his death. Communication with him was difficult. I only know a bit of German, and he prefered to talk in German.

The last person I wish to mention is Val. We used to work together in the  80's. But the group of people I worked with then still stay in touch. We even go to parties etc together. Val was a playboy, and married. He could not have kids, but that did not affect his appetite for females. He told me some years ago that he had cancer. But he did he best to live a normal life. We had a great get together for dinner early this year,  when he told me that he was now on the last remaining tablets that could prolong his life. We had agreed to go on another lunch date in the first week of July, after he had come back from probably the last holiday with his wife. I called him the last week of June to check if he was back and to arrange a date to meet. he then told me that he had been in hospital instead of on holidays. The tablets had also stopped working, so there was nothing they could do for him except put him in a bed in a hospice and wait for the inevitable. He asked to go home instead. His obituary at his funeral was the funniest I have ever heard. His brother spilled the beans on his adulteress life. I'll never know how his wife put up with it. The church was packed to the rafters, with people having to stand in the isles and outside. he was well loved guy.

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My biker buddy passed away early this year,he rode with The was a good funeral.

The only other things died on me would be a couple plantains and a tomatoe,the tomatoe start grow beard, dem tings stink up the place.

I lost my ma in August couple days after her 83rd birthday,i used to  tell her you will live pass 85yrs,her response was maybe 83 and she did left at that age,this week i was looking thru my wallet and found telephone number i scribbled on a piece of paper next to it was ma,i looked at it said in my mind i can't call you any more.

This year we lost our beloved Mother in  law November 16th at 88 . the last time she talk with us was her birthday September 23rd, from that night no words no response . lived for 54 days no food ,8 days no liquid.but she is in a better place now so they say.


Very Nice thread.

I lost my Mamoo's (Uncle) wife this year.

It happened suddenly and was a big shocker for everyone in the family. She was the nicest person on earth and weeks before her death, she called to chat with my family and told us she had a dream of going to a place that looked so beautiful that she had no words to describe it and that she was in a garden where she saw all of her departed relatives looking happy and beautiful.

Our family is still in shock at her departure, we will be travelling to NY in March for a typical one year Hindu service for her. I was in tears as I did her eulogy, none of her family members were able to say anything as they were in total shock. 

Life is beautiful, enjoy every moment of it and cherish the memories of the ones whom you love and the special times that you spend with them.


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