Rat and he tail part at GECOM

May 16, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-tail-part-at-gecom/

Old people get a saying dat rat and he tail does part. It look like GECOM and its legal officer parting company. De opposition commissioners ask fuh a legal opinion. De legal officer wukking wid de whole commission.

But dis commission got three sides.

It got de opposition side, de government side and de commissioner. De legal officer give de view to de opposition. Normally dat should not be a bad thing but from de noise it cause, one believe is a bad thing.

De legal lady tell de opposition dat house-to-house registration is not necessary. All de commission got to do is tek off wha name got to tek off and put on new names. Dat is wha de legal lady tell de opposition and she provide de law to support she.

Now de government side calling she Jezebel. Trotty, dat is one of de commissioners, seh she deceitful. He want dem investigate she because she share she opinion wid one person and not wid de whole commission.

Dem boys waiting to see de outcome. Of course, wha mek some of dem commissioners get vex is because de opposition commissioners gone to court to challenge house-to-house registration. Of course, dem did vote for it but now dem busy changing de tune.

De thing dat got dem boys shaking dem head is how many of de commissioners is lawyers. Bibi is a lawyer, de chairman is a judge and then dem have de legal officer. De legal officer got she view.

Dem boys seh everything is a problem these days and every other thing is about β€˜we and dem’. One thing is Jagdeo outsmarting all of dem. He tell he people don’t waste time going to parliament.

Of course dem still getting pay. Dem boys know people who would like to stay home and still get pay. Dem willing to bet all dem offices; in fact, all dem wuk place gon empty.

Talk half and wait fuh more elections confusion.

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