June 30 2018


Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your letter column to comment on an article I saw in the Kaieteur News yesterday titled ‘Ramson signals desire to be PPPC presidential candidate’. The Ramson in question is Charles Ramson Jr.

Editor, I happen to have had experiences with Charles and quite frankly I found him to be quite arrogant and obnoxious. I first met Charles in 2007. He is a very close friend to my nephew in law. They were classmates at Queen’s College. I was introduced to Charles and I told him I’m a QC old boy also. We did not chat much. We never really chatted much.

Anyhow we became friends on Facebook. I have quite a few QC friends on Facebook including Dr. Ashni Singh. Some of them are PPP supporters and held big positions under the PPP. As a result they would voice their political opinions which I would respect. We may have heated debates but in the end we agree to disagree and continue to be friends. QC buddies.

Charles happened to make comments on Facebook about corruption under the PPP. I did not agree with what he was saying. I quoted the TIGI findings and outlined questionable transactions under the PPP. Charles became offended because I disagreed with him. He got on his high horse, verbally abused me, threatened to sue me whenever I come to Guyana then unfriended me on Facebook.  Editor, Charles’ actions took me by complete surprise. He thought the threat of legal action would drive fear in me. As a matter of fact, I next visited Guyana in 2010 and I emailed Charles my arrival and departure dates, my flight number and where I was staying in the event he needed to serve me legal papers. He never did.

After this experience with Charles I started to ask questions. I found out that he has aspirations of being President of Guyana. All good. I spoke to some of my old QC mates and the common theme is that Charles is very arrogant.

I last saw Charles on the 31st December 2017. He was by my sister in law. I drove in the driveway, got out of my vehicle, greeted him and wished him happy New Year’s. So it is clear I do not have any personal issues with Charles. I just do not think that he has the character to be president.

When I had my debate with Charles, I suggested to him that he speak with Dr. Vindhya Persaud MP who knows me very well. We were classmates at medical school. I knew her dad was minister of agriculture under PPP. I never hesitated to voice my opinions of the PPP to her. She never took it personally. As a matter of fact many days when her driver would pick her up she would look for me to give me a ride home. Even in the vehicle I would be critical of the PPP. We continued to be very good friends. She also told me that I was born on the same day with her sister and we had similar personalities. As a result she looked at me as her younger brother. I think that exemplifies a true leader. Not threatened by dissenting voices. Inclusive. Prepare to take your political opponent in your arms. Humble. I think Dr. Persaud will make a great President. If Dr. Vindhya Persaud becomes the PPP presidential candidate, I would support her. I think she has what it takes to unite Guyana. Not Charles. He is too arrogant, obnoxious and petty.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Mark Devonish, UK