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Ramotar ruled out maritime channel for Venezuela

-was seeking alternative to Good Officer process


During his term, former president Donald Ramotar rejected the idea of a channel through Guyana’s Atlantic waters as a means of settling the long-running border controversy with Venezuela and says that his predecessor Bharrat Jagdeo should not have voiced that option.

“When we were in government, we were preparing to go back to the United Nations to say that the Good Officer Process did not amount to any success, not that it wasn’t useful… just that it was tired and did not yield a conclusion,” he told Stabroek News

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It would seem that Ramotar, Jagdeo and Rohee don't talk to each other.

Who is the real PPP leader ? 

Dem rass look stupid fighting for power and contravening each other.


So far Ramotar seems to be the best moral leader, to apologize  for pardoning the child murderer.  Will Jagdeo ever apologize ?    

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