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The paranoid schizophrenia must be applied to the physical world to transform the physical and correct any harm done. It is possible that this may be done by simply expressing the paranoia without consequence.

This may be done with applying the paranoia with a sense of impression thinking of a transformation of the flesh harmed integrating in the body with will. 


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@Cain : Only people like Ron and me think logically, you guys are no bodies. hehehe

@Ron : You eva use dry goat turd fa sling shot balls ? Dem round and nice and hard when dry.   Me hear de aliens shooting goat turd from Pluto, but dem missing de earth.  But one time a goat turd hit a NASA satellite and cut off communication between Trump and the Pentagon.   

That is quite a complicated response Tola. I guess if the goat turd is dense it could be effective but I don't want to think like that. People kill cows for beef and I don't like that because I'm Hindu or I'm just conscientious. The aliens are restricted because we have to stay six feet from each other and that prevents alien contact with each other or contact from the spirit because of the coronavirus excuse. When I look at Trump on TV it appears that he's using his conscience to do what is best for us yet I have a sense of caution because of the unknown intent. The problems lies with the representatives in Congress and the Senate along with Mayors and governors and those who elected them. The aliens would use psychology as a weapon to control our decisions and our movements and arrangements. I'm sure the aliens are right here on Earth and in our bodies and they don't have to be on Pluto and they are here to save Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ. We can't change the polarity of our batteries and that's why we don't have power against them. The battery keeps gravity and time polarized and does not allow a transfiguration of direction to exchange the truth caused by the belief of God. They don't want us to see the exchange of numbers from one side to another side as we look the other way since this would invert the meaning of the substances and create a negative understanding to challenge the false positive belief. 

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