Protest squeeze a million from Soulja Bai

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Old people does talk how nobody can’t get blood out of stone. If dat happen, it got to be a miracle. No president does push he hand in he pocket to give even a beggar a penny.

Burnham use to give people cassava stick and banana sucker. Jagdeo use to tell people dat he don’t walk wid money. Dat is why people open dem eye when Soulja Bai fork out a million dollars fuh give a private school de odda day.

Normally, he woulda tell de people wha every president does tell people who ask dem fuh money. But dem had a lot of protesters outside de venue.

Is not nice fuh know dat dem got couple dozen people outside who hollering how dem don’t like you. Dem boys seh is dem protesters who squeeze a million dollars out of Soulja Bai pocket fuh de school.

Soon after de protesters squeeze out de money from Soulja Bai, two gunmen decide to squeeze out some money from a miner who was selling some gold and some diamond.

Dem boys can’t understand how de driver didn’t see dis car following dem. Dem can’t understand how de security in de place wasn’t in a position to protect de men.

Is de miner who had to protect himself. One of de gunmen tackle de driver and try to reach inside de vehicle. De odda one tackle de miner.
Some people don’t have gun fuh show. De miner respond wid shots of his own. De video show when he shoot de gun man who tackle him.

Anodda bullet knock de gunman flat pon he back.

He run and barely meet he car. He was a soldier.

Dem boys want to know if de army training gunmen.

Right now he and de miner probably got a big war wherever dem deh.

All two of dem gone home. Dem boys seh de miner vex suh people can imagine wha happening wheh dem deh.

Yet every cow does cry fuh its calf. De gunman mudda seh she son was nevah a thief. Well as dem boys seh, ‘Moon does run till day ketch am’.

Talk half and watch how life does end suh quick.

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