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Take a step back. We are not discussing Jagdeo and his ex-wife’s relationship. We are specifically discussing your statement that she travels to NY to get f ucked. All I am seeking here is when you make that statement, was it fictitious. Again, everything else you posted above just digs you in deeper.

And the reason why she needed to get f.ucked in NYC is because Jagdeo wasn't doing the job in GT. He used to lock her out of the bedroom. Allegedly the marriage was never consummated.

Did you expect the goodly woman to remain without some love in  her life?  When husbands abuse their wives often these women find someone else to provide solace.

kp posted:

Why you fellas give that Black racist the time of the day and utmost attention, let him rebut, but just IGNORE him. He is a paid PNC blogger that is on several sites just to discredit all people that are NON PNC supporters

1. Aside from GNI which sites am I on. Please inform me because this is the only site that I use to cuss down Jagdeo AND Burnham.

2. I see that suggesting that an Indian has sex with a black person is considered racist and degrading to an Indian. Way to go to prove that you aren't the racist here.  Yes you and skeldon man who has a melt down over an insult that the fine honor of an Indo will be defiled by a "nasty black person".

3.  You all old Indo men also need to know that when you neglect your wife someone else will pay attention to her. Jagdeo's wife certainly did with an INDO lawyer in RH.  I see that to say this is to degrade Indo women. Get over your selves. Indo women have as much right to find happiness as do other women and if you all dont tend to your pasture someone else will.

cain posted:

Iman woodah keep dah nice woman happy an' satisfied.

Now the Indos are going to scream about Neanderthal "potagee" raping Indo women...…….ooops I forget you all are basically white so they would shove their daughters for you to do what ever you wish to them.

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