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Nelson Rockefeller (R) was the first high ranking American official to visit Guyana in 1969, three years after independence.
He served as:
Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs under President Roosevelt (R) 1901-1909;
Office of the Coordinator for Inter-American Affairs under President Roosevelt (in the Executive Office of the President)
49th Governor of New York City (R) 1959-1973
Fact finding Mission to 23 Latin America and Caribbean countries during the period 1969 -1974 on behalf of President Nixon (R) 1969-1974;
He was Vice President (1974 -1977)to US President Gerald Forde. (R) 1974-1977;
Former Head of the US Institute For Inter-American Affairs
During his visit to Guyana in 1969 He addressed a sitting of the National Assembly.

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