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President Granger returns to Cuba next week for more treatment


FLAH BACK: President David Granger in Cuba.

President David Granger is scheduled to return to Cuba next Tuesday for continued treatment for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer, Minister of State Joseph Harmon announced Friday.

Having concluded the first round of chemotherapy in Cuba,he is due to return to the Spanish-speaking nation.

According to Minister Harmon, President Granger heeded advice by his Cuban medical specialists to scale back public engagements, but “remains in command and control of the business of the state. The president is having meetings. He is giving directions. He is much better than when he left for Cuba. The treatment regime will require him going to Cuba on a number of occasions.”

This was announced by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at today’s post-Cabinet press briefing. The Head of State’s return to Cuba follows his close to three-week visit for medical tests and subsequent treatment following the diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

According to Minister Harmon, the Head of State has conveyed his appreciation, to all who have expressed concern about his illness and wished him a full recovery.

The minister reiterated that the government, “continues to work assiduously to ensure that his visions are kept. The Green State Development Strategy, which is a brainchild of his that we continue to push… Our concern for climate change, our concern for the security of our borders, our concern for the safety and happiness of our people are all principal concerns of our President and he continues to send notes and memoranda in that regard.”
The President’s decision to reduce his workload, his office earlier revealed, was “consistent with advice from his team of specialist doctors at the Centro de Investigaciones Medico Quirugicas (CIMEQ) in Havana, Cuba”.

President David Granger, along with First Lady Sandra Granger, returned to Guyana from Cuba on November 20, 2018, after spending about three weeks there.




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Bibi Haniffa posted:

The treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma is very intense with debilitating side effects that have to be closely monitored.

I think the PNC will have to get a replacement, sooner than later. That disease is fatal, it can only get worst. Going to Cuba is buying time.

Luncheon was diagnosed with gastro intestinal cancer in 2014, a survival rate of 30% after 5 years, is he still around? Granger may have a chance at extending his life beyond 2020 if he slow down as the survival rate is 86% for 5 years. 

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kp posted:

President Granger returns to Cuba next week for more treatment

Geez....I wish him well...ole man Granger should take a rest and spend the rest of his golden years away from politics...

Who is really running the country? Can't be Moses, it has to be someone from the APNU, Who says it's Moses got to be joking, he is for Window Dressing. There will definitely be power struggle, if they can't resolve that issue early, them cork duck for 2020. 

 Granger has become humble in his latter years, he was suffering for awhile, he lost that eagerness to fight. Still as the president of Guyana I wish him well and hope he gets that magic cure. Big Job Vacancy.

From what I gather, given the Cuban doctors' comments and prognosis, it has not metastasized. If so, that is good and aggressive Chemo is critical to prevent spreading.  These are touch and go in the early phase thus the regular treatment.

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