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7percent better than the coalition 0

In comparison, consider the following – after just 18 months in office from July 1 2015, to January 1 2017, the APNU+AFC increased the minimum wage by over 50 percent, increased the income tax threshold by 20 percent, reduced the marginal income tax rate to 28 percent and removed the tax from employees’ contribution to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). In addition, old-age pension increased by 45 percent and public assistance by 27 percent. Further, the marginal income tax rate for non-commercial companies was reduced from 30 percent to 27.5percent. All of this, without receiving one dollar in oil revenues.


Minimum wage increases to $70,000 for public servants

November 13 ,2019

@Spugum posted:

a does wonder what the creator will do with them

From the Scriptures, "And just as you desire people to do for you, do also for them."

The heart is capabe of great compassion and immense hate.

The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.

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then say goodbye to the dream of black dominance in Guyana. It was never a reality in the first place. More like bullyism of a minor group imposition on a docile majority.

What you hoping for? To be a government by rigged elections. When has the PNC ever won an election by themselvies? Never.

Equality for both the black and indian poor is about the same.

Elites, both black and indian is the same on poilitical connections. We have seen it during the PPP years. And with only 5 years of the PNC, cronyism is on par.

As the PPP continue to govern, more and more Blacks will be drawn to them. To the demise of the PNC.

The PNC is helping the PPP to make Guyana a one party state. And you sah is on that dray cart for the ride to oblivion.

@seignet posted:

What you hoping for? To be a government by rigged elections. When has the PNC ever won an election by themselvies? Never.

It's known the PNC will have to join with smaller parties to  be in Government ,that's a no-brainer .

When the number of votes in ballot boxes in favor a political party is more than the number of voters on registered voters list for electoral divisions is a matter of concern.

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Django man, the Jaganite koolie crabdog hate and fight up of other koolies squad are calling you the ultimate traitor.

They say that you spent years and years learning from Jagan highly rewarded propanganda man O Ishmael of how great Cheddie and Janet Jagan are then you are now with Granger.

LOL !!!!

Only k****lies have such mindset ,East Indians differ .

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