PPP, PNC supporters clash during “Red House” vigil

PPP, PNC supporters clash during “Red House” vigil

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During what was supposed to be a peaceful candle light vigil on Friday evening in front of Red House, supporters of the People’s Progressive Party Civic and the People’s National Congress Reform had an altercation resulting in one PNC member ending up in St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

The incident which occurred around 21:00hrs involved Jason Abdullah, a close associate with the PPP/C and PNC Central G/Town District Secretary Shondel Hope.

Based on reports and video footage, Abdullah was recording the PNC supporters who were standing on the eastern side of High Street.

Hope had got very close to Abdullah which supposedly provoked him and he shoved her away from him. At this time representatives of the PNC hurled some items at the man and an enraged Hope approached Abdullah striking him a number of times to his side.

Based on reports, Hope went to the Brickdam Police Station to make a report and then went to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Abdullah’s actions were widely criticized on social media as persons denounced him hitting a woman.

The young man posted an apology on his Facebook page saying that his response was reflective of his defensive mode kicking in and wished that he had the fortitude to withstand the verbal and physical abuse which was meted out to him prior to the assault.

The vigil was organised by the PPP/C in protest of the actions being taken by the APNU+AFC government towards the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre Incorporated (CJRCI) which is currently occupying the Red House building on High Street, Kingston.

On Friday afternoon, members of the Ministry of the Presidency attempted to takeover occupancy of the building before the final date of occupancy had expired yesterday.

On Thursday, the Ministry released a statement which said that President David Granger had ordered the revocation of the lease to CJRCI to use the building.

During an impromptu press conference at the building on Friday, PPP/C Member of Parliament, Indra Chandarpal, said that on her return to the building she met two Ministry of the Presidency staff at the gate preventing her from entering.

However, after forcing her way in, she was informed by the men that they were given specific instructions to secure the property, ensuring that nothing leaves and nobody enters. According to her, they apparently got the order from Minister of State Joseph Harmon.

She said that the men proceeded to padlock the building and used a garbage bin in the compound to remove the centre’s sign board. Staff of the centre later remounted the sign board maintaining their possession of the building.

The move has been highly criticised by the PPP/C  Opposition Leader and former President Bharrat Jagdeo described the premature act as heinous and reprehensible.

He said that the government has so many things to deal with in Guyana than to forcibly eject the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre from the building.

“To do this to Cheddi Jagan’s legacy is the height of indecency and callousness. This government will long be judged for this act it committed today.”

A court order was given by Chief Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards preventing any of the stored items in the building from being removed until a decision is made on the matter regarding the validity of the lease and its revocation. The matter is to be heard again on February 20, 2017.

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