I know the PPP and their history and mere political propaganda or instrumental process to regain power will not change their legacy. It is the PPP that give us the Amerindian act 2006 that give us eggshell titles and no protections from incursions into native communities. They defined us as wards of the state.


They are the one who refused 200k from the WB to demarcate lands and yet were allocating it left and right to their friends and cohorts and excused their delay as lack of capacity. The PPP are a completely spineless bunch of nits and their complete failure as moral administrators of the state has us in the pickle we are currently in.


They did not trust themselves to be good because if they did they would have been known for the ones who solved our racial problem. They were too greedy, corrupt and twisted to try to be fair. 

Baseman posted:

D2, I think you are being too harsh.  My Amerindian Half-Brother, who lives in Waini, don't see them in such dim lights.  There are positives though things could always improve!

As I stated without hesitation or remorse; the PPP are a bunch of waste people to Guyanese. Your brother is like most Guyanese, loyal sheep following their party to the abyss willingly because they never seek to think independently. 

Guyana is 60 years long in a low level internecine war between its majority tribes. The fact that our racial bifurcation is almost evenly matched means each party think they have a chance to in the state solely by relying on race based pied piping and indeed they people follow them like the rats of Hamlin to their deaths. 

Take it from me....the current political paradigm of electing autocrats based on race where domination of the state as an ethnic prize  is the aim will never work. It has never worked anywhere on the planet and will not work for us. Absolute power always lead to absolute disaster. It is requires no other explanation given we are blessed with much yet we cannot and have not ever balanced a budget on our own and are always out with a begging bowl to feed the people. 

And again I ask what role do these people play in the PPP? Are they decision makers?  Do they have extensive involvement in the community?  Whet expertise do they have to display their ability to manage these municipalities properly?

None I bet.  Just little stooges content to be used by the "Collie People Party" as it pretends to be diverse, when it is actually the Indo KKK.

Baseman posted:
caribny posted:


None I bet. 

Says it all.  You know nothing, so STFU and let the people of Guyana decide!

The people of Guyana who are not Indian identified thoroughly and completely reject the PPP.

I think that you should STFU and stop fooling yourself that this has changed.

It is only with the decline of the UF that Amerindians shifted some of their support to the PPP.  And this happened when the PPP was in power and drowned these villages with largesse. Now that they are no longer in power no one (including you) knows how they will vote.

I am sure that Mabaruma is small enough for people to know of each other, so if all these people are mere tokens, with no record of accomplishment in the town, this will not impress.


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