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PPP/C will reverse decline of forestry sector

Irfaan Ali in Bartica

…lower vehicle import taxes, remove cell phone taxes
…incentivise private healthcare, education

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) held its rally in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) on Saturday, where the party’s Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali, sent the crowd into loud applause with various commitments – including the reversal of the declining forestry sector, lowering taxes on vehicle imports and other measures to improve the lives of thousands.

PPP/C Presidential Candidate, Dr Irfaan Ali

According to Ali, the time has come for real development for the people of Bartica and the country as a whole. He explained that during their consultations before launching the manifesto, the cost for vehicular imports was a prevalent issue raised by residents.
“I know Bartica. And I know Region Seven. And Guyanese love to have nice vehicles. So we are going to lower the taxes on vehicles!” he announced to visible smiles and flag-waving from the crowd.
“When we had the consultation on the manifesto, you asked for it! And we said we’d examine the viability. We have examined it and we are reporting to you now that after March 2, we are going to lower the taxes on vehicles and remove the age limit that they put in place that was a burden and a hindrance to you owning your own vehicle!”

A section of the gathering at the Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) rally

When it comes to Value Added Taxes (VAT), Ali spoke of some other items that will be targeted to bring their cost down, including cell phones and data. He made it clear that VAT will be removed from these commodities. He also noted that efforts will be made to incentivise education and make access to private education easier.
“Your next PPP Government will be investing in an International Institute for Technology. And an international institute in hospitality management. Because we can’t only talk about building the tourism sector in Region Seven. We cannot only talk about bringing in new hotels. Those things will happen, but we must build the capacity to train our people to function in these sectors.”
“We’re going to give incentives for the private sector to establish new educational institutions. And we’re going to remove the corporate taxes so that they can bring down the cost of private education all across our country,” he said, adding that other educational initiatives they will invest in have to do with environmental and oil studies.
According to the former Housing Minister, many of the people’s woes lie in the high cost of living and increased range of taxes. He noted that the spending power of the people has steadily eroded since 2015.
“Why is it things are so difficult today? We must know by now that more than $300 on every $1000 is used to pay taxes. Every time you get a $1000, the Government is taking away $300 from you to pay taxes. That is why there is less money in your pockets.”
“From the time we left Government to now, spending in the economy has reduced. This is the legacy of the APNU/AFC Government. This is the legacy we have to change. After spending (billions) from government deposits and gold reserves, there is nothing to show. Nothing to show of development. Not a single investment of a major scale that can transform lives.”

Mining lands
Ali also rapped the Government for not giving out enough mining lands for ordinary people until after the No-Confidence Motion, after which there was a rush to send out letters to cover the fact that cronies were being awarded lands. He made it clear that the next PPP Government would revoke corruptly awarded land.
“It is only in the last few months they start sending out letters. Those letters are to protect the widespread theft when they hand out large portions of land to their families and friends, so they can tie the PPP hands when we return to power.”
“But we are going to take the corrupt land and transactions back! From all the way to the back dams to Bartica, we are going to take it back and give it to you, the people, in a fair and transparent manner.”

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