PPP/C always has the vision to develop this country



We as Guyanese are more equipped with a vast wealth of knowledge and should not fall prey to APNU/AFC’s story telling. Considering the statistical data at hand and development that has occurred under the PPP/ C, speaks purely to vision and leadership for this nation.
Let us consider some aspects which are key drivers for the economic development and growth of Guyana, and these were on paper or implemented by visionaries, the PPP/C team.
• The construction of a recognised branded hotel in Guyana, The Marriott. This would cater for oil and gas development along with increase in Tourism activities.
• The expansion of the International Airport (CJIA). This would cater for the increase in visitors both leisure and business. Think about Guyana being the air hub for South America.
• The expansion of East Bank and East Coast Corridors.
• The construction of a specialty hospital. This would have enhanced delivery of specialized health care and visitors’ confidence in such a facility.
• Construction of a recreational Centre such as National Stadium, Facilities at Leonora, Turkeyen, etc.
• Construction of a Conference Centre.

Additionally, if we consider the plans for Hydroelectricity, the country would have benefited by now from a cheaper, cleaner and reliable source of electricity. The “spin off” would have been an emerging manufacturing sector for Guyana, including creation of employment for all Guyanese.
To the “gaff” from APNU/ AFC – they are boasting of job creation and establishment of factories as it relates to Agriculture sector. Can we have some quantitative data to support how many jobs were created? How many factories were built?
Also, a budgetary allocation to a sector doesn’t represent development. Vision and plans are executed by leaders who have the competencies to manage these budgetary allocations prudently. These leaders are only found within the PPP/ C team.
Yours sincerely,
Concerned Banker

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