Powerful, Courageous Letter:The Church must start preaching the homosexual issue from the pulpit

The Church must start preaching the homosexual issue from the pulpit


Dear Editor,
Perhaps Caveat emptor has never been more appropriate, but let it stand for the records that homosexuals are not my enemies (although some may perceive me as being the contrary). However, simply put the topic of homosexuality is simply a matter of right and wrong, and a matter of understanding that God’s ways are best for a society.
By no stretch of the human imagination is homosexuality a new phenomenon, nor is it only recently that men and women began engaging in long term relationships, yet it is only in the last few years that the word “ homosexuality” was thought to redefine marriage. June 26, 2015, marked a very tragic day in the life of America, or should that be the United States of Babel. The recent Supreme Court decision regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage dealt a bitter if not deadly blow to morality and the ability to tell right from wrong.
Plainly put, the Supreme Court showed its authority and made law instead of interpreting it. Now the perversion of homosexual marriage is all over the country, when the country had previously voted against it. Let us not for the briefest of moments forget that President Bill Clinton (Democrat) and George Bush (Republican) both signed Executive Orders against it – The In Defense of Marriage Act.  Next along came President Barack Obama, claiming that he is a Christian, but supporting homosexuality when clearly the Bible does not.
Matthew 7: 16 says that you will know a tree by the fruit it bears or (bares).  What do we see?  Perhaps it is timely to have a clear definition of the term equal rights, as it certainly does not mean equal on every single thing. Let us take for example, freedom of speech, does not apply to hate speech, terroristic threats or threats against the President.  At some point, doing whatever you want to do with whomever you want to do it will trample on the rights of others. An adult cannot have sex with whomsoever he/ she desires, as there are age requirements enshrined in law. You cannot drive your own car, unless you have met the standard requirements of being of legal age, possess a driver’s licence and carry insurance for the vehicle.  A mother- to- be can end the life of her unborn child, but if the father does it, he will be charged with infanticide or maybe even murder.
“In God We Trust” was adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956 as an alternative or replacement to the unofficial motto of E pluribus unum. What hollow statements! The Bible clearly says if we trust in the Lord he will direct our paths, and we are all fully aware that those paths will not be contrary to his Word. In addition, God has already stated his feelings surrounding homosexuality. On a note of sardonicism and blatant irony, the U. S Government, declares its trust in God on the back of its money ($20.00 bill), has the Ten Commandments in the Halls of Congress and the courts and then goes in a completely opposite direction.
The obvious question that springs to mind is “In what God are they trusting?  Those who condone homosexuality cannot be saying that it is the God of Jacob, Abraham and Isaac. Regardless of what religious belief one may possess, one thing is certain, and that is marriage was instituted by God, in the sight of God and with God as part of the covenant. This was the original blueprint, which does not involve the United States Supreme Court., hence plain and simple, if they cannot uphold the original blueprint, then they should stay out of it.
What are the implications of this latest ruling one may ask, and the answers are quite simple_-  There will be far less people reproducing, for two individuals of the same sex biologically are unable to have a baby. It means that heterosexuals will have homosexuality sensitivity shoved down their throats, those who stick firmly with the Gospel regarding homosexuality will be viewed as being wrong, homophobic or plain out of place.
Children will grow up in total confusion as to the roles of man and woman- roles that were defined by God and not by Man or a Court. In the first place, the homosexual agenda was never about equal rights, but instead about perversion on display and forcing others to accept it.
The movement was somewhat hypocritical as homosexuals wanted to be accepted for their choices and preferences but not accepting heterosexuals who disagree with these said choices when they encroached upon values, spirituality and businesses.
Power was and is also involved in the homosexual movement as they wanted the majority of us to accept a life style that we all knew was sinful and perverted, and an act of rebellion against God.  However, in this case, Time will serve as the decisive factor, for once a nation starts down a road of immorality, it is only a matter of time before there is full blown integration into chaos, anarchy and unspeakable perversion. There are existing laws that say people cannot practice bestiality, zoophilia or necrophilia, but it is still done as people believe it is their right. Now it is at this juncture that my wonderment reaches its nadir.
The passing of the law brought about the death of a moral trajectory.  The churches have been far too silent on taking a stand against homosexuality.  Let this question then be addressed: Do the churches stand for much of anything today?  Do the churches that say they represent Christ actually fear being politically incorrect?  Let my message be clear and spoken without any form of restraint:   It’s time to hear it from the pulpit. Going to a megachurch is a rising trend in the United States.
Megachurches are more than just your regular pulpit and pew church. They are larger, they are packed, and they are drawing in thousands of people. So the facts being stated and the truth be told but mega churches and big speakers like T.D Jakes, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyers and Rick Warren could strike a massive blow in the community against homosexual immorality , but pray tell me what are they doing.
I am not proffering a guess, but instead boldly stating my truthful opinion that they are staying or sheltering behind the walls of their buildings , speaking or even murmuring softly against sin and preaching to those who already know the truth. Remember that Christ is and was the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. For far too long the Church has been the sheep amongst wolves. The time has come in fact the time is now for the church to take on the nature of the lion and destroy the wolves.
Please  will the real church please wake up,  take up and raise up. I am worried about children being taught about homosexuality, nor brainwashed to be sensitive and tolerant of it.  God created  man and woman with parts that work together, and the ability to reproduce.
Yes, they were created with clear cut roles, long before America existed. That having been known, then who are we to change these things?  God not man is the ultimate source of rights, and so Brent can never have two mommies any more than Mary can have two daddies. The truth is not about what each person wants to do.  In the Black community we need to increase our numbers not decrease them. In the church we have to realize what one person does affect another, and doing the right thing is an extremely harder task that requires courage and strong unwavering moral values.
Now that the die has seemingly been cast, yet all is not lost. The church must stop Peeking and start Speaking, Loud and Clear with Absolutely no Fear. Jesus walked upon the water when he oughta, so let’s not allow the church leave us in the lurch.
Yvonne Sam

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It is said, at conception we were all as male and female. Together. Then, the miracle occurs. One sex is shed. And we come into world a distinct sex. Male or Female.


It is a natural longing for the rekindling of the sexes in the animal world. That is why, it is the natural expectation for a man to be united with a woman. Just as the moment of their conception and for the conception of future generations.


Any other form of cohabitation is unnatural.

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