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Police open door to Buxton youths - 116 benefit from CSP training programme

November 16, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News
Source - Kaieteur News

Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee (sitting centre) with Commander of “C” Division, Derrick Josiah flanked by some of the trainees from Buxton/ Friendship.

Another batch of youths from the Buxton/ Friendship communities yesterday graduated in 11 different categories of vocational training under the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Citizen Security Programme (CSP), youth life skills/vocational training programme, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Buxton/Friendship Community Action Officer Margaret Barnes, stated that this was yet another opportunity where the young people of the East Coast Demerara communities embarked on developmental skills which would benefit them in the long term.

She explained that the 116 youths who were accepted for the six months training sessions should consider themselves lucky since there were over 100 more applicants who were on the “waiting list” from their communities.

Though the six months of training proved challenging, perseverance from the students and trainers pulled off a successful programme, and Barnes expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Government for providing a new lease of life to the youths.

Commander of the police “C” Division (East Coast Demerara) , Assistant Commissioner, Derrick Josiah, stated that his division fully supported the initiative where the young people would acquire the necessary training in skills which would in turn “bring about change in behaviours.”

“We encourage this and hope that they will be eager to transform and apply the skills with the knowledge that they have acquired. The effectiveness of the six months training will be showcased when they decide to go and seek employment,” said Josiah.

While he continued to elaborate on the importance of the training sessions, he noted that with the skills that they youths have developed, they can be able to seek employment in any sector including the Guyana Police Force.

“The Guyana Police Force has its doors open to those of you who wish to join. For example, those who studied auto mechanic, you can repair the cars and police vehicles.”

Delivering the charge, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee said that the skills that the youths have acquired are in demand and they can use them to contribute to the development of their communities.

He explained that the youths would reap success if they “pooled together resources” and worked collaboratively with each other for overall development and improvements.

“You all have acquired skills that are marketable and can sell. Use your initiatives to look out for opportunities. People are successful because they discover what they’re good at, so you should do the same,” Rohee encouraged.

Community Action Specialist, CSP, Rosanne Purnwasie remarked that the ultimate purpose of the programme is to lower crimes in 10 targeted communities.

She said that the initiative is structured so as to attract school drop-outs and provide them with the opportunity to learn a trade and at the same time engage them in meaningful activities.

The graduates were presented with certificates in the various training programmes, such as cosmetology, food preparation and service, bakery, joinery, cake decoration, handicraft, computer service provider (data entry clerk), child care assistant, masonry, auto mechanic, electrical installation. (Kristen Macklingam))
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