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@Mitwah posted:

Shithead, Guyana is part of Caricom. This is racial profiling by the PPP.

Knucklehaed, haul you @#$.

Like you have not recovered from your AFC dismantling.

How is this racial profiling? These people cant explain why they are in Guyana. YOU look like you know more about them sitting in your Canadian basement. You interviewed them to know they were going to France or Montreal?.  So, even if your crystal ball reading is true, the government should leave them alone?

I recall GNI had a discussion sometime back about Indian nationals in Guyana not having visas or something like that.  Was than incident based on racial profiling?

Do you even know what "racial profiling" mean?

@cain posted:

You guys fighting over this while something of importance occured yesterday.

As Trump's liar Guiloooanny sat in court lying his arse off he bust a fart.

I gotta find the clip when I'm at my comp. This shows the banna talkin nuff nuff fart.

Rudy Giuliani (almost definitely) farted while flailing to overturn Michigan election results Screenshot / Michigan House of Representatives

Justin Hendrix, @justinhendrix
Rudy Giuliani lets a hot fart rip while spewing lies in insane Michigan testimony.

A simple truth: Farts are funny. Try as you might, no one β€” no person with a shred of humanity β€” is immune to laughing at a toot.

And Rudy Giuliani β€” President Donald Trump's grease-dripping lawyer and loyal sycophant β€” ripping ass during a hearing? That's just plain hilarious.

OK, so we can't fully prove it was definitely Giuliani that let one loose, but it sure as hell seems like it. First, all credit must be given to the good folks over at Gizmodo, who first heard the flatulence and clipped video from a long hearing in Michigan about the 2020 election that Trump lost.

But if you go to the 4:11:41 mark in this video, I mean...there is definitely a squeaker. It's almost sounds fake.

Funnily enough, and apparently still gaseous, just before the 4:13:00 mark, there is another comically loud fart sound in the video. Again, it's not definite that Giuliani passed gas β€” we weren't in the room to smelt who dealt β€” but it sure seems like it.

Giuliani's co-counsel, Jenna Ellis, even seems to give her counterpart a grossed-out "dude, you beefed" look.

One moment Giuliani is asking Michigan Representative Darrin Camilleri "be disciplined for" bringing up reports that Giuliani wants Trump to gift him a pre-emptive pardon, the next moment there's audible gas.  

This is took place in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, to whom Giuliani slung his normal crap about election fraud that even Attorney General Bill Barr admits has no basis in reality. The fact that Giuliani (likely) added some farts to that overall farce, well, it's kind of perfect.

@Django posted:

This is bull crap ,travelers to a country are denied entry and then deported.They aren't given entry then hunted down for deportation.

Haiti is part of Caricom ,what happen to their traveling rights ?

You people all seem to miss that they are accused of lying about where they would be staying. If it was proven that they lied, they they should be deported. Those rules apply in most countries.

It is my understanding that a country has the right to decide which non-citizens it allows entry.  However, like so  many have mentioned there are treaties, agreements etc. that countries enter into.  Therefore, while Guyana has the right to deport the Haitians it simply cannot ignore the rules.  Robeson Benn and others have hinted that the Haitians are trafficking humans.  Included in the group are several children.  Is it being suggested that the children are trafficking humans?  If there is human trafficking it is more likely that those children are being trafficked.  Is the right course of action to detain them and lie in court to get an order to deport them?  The court was apparently told that the Haitians lied about where they were staying.  Is one to believe that the police went to court with arrival records showing where each Haitian said sh/e would be staying ?  Even if that was produced we are told the detainees were found at a hotel and in a minibus.  When people are granted visitor's visas are the compelled to stay at a particular address for the duration of their visit?  If Dularie is granted a visitor's visa to Canada for six months does she have to stay with Datilo for the entire time or could she spend some by a saga bai?  Would she have to let immigration know that she moved to saga bai's place? 

The truth is that current group of Haitians and the thousands before them do not want to stay in Guyana.  They want to go to French Guiana and Brazil etc.  They are not as someone mentioned going to Guyana because Guyana has oil .  They are simply looking for a better life that they believe they will find in Brazil etc.  Why would a human being deny another human being that opportunity when it doesn't disadvantage the former in any way?

@Ramakant-P posted:

If you are going to admit immigrants into the country, at least take in those who can make a difference rather than beggars who will put a strain on the economy.

Sounds good in theory because the reality of it is that our taxes pay for them. I worked for a bank a few years ago and a Russian retiree came in to open an account. He had just been in the country for a few months. From the time he landed he was schooled in benefits by an organization made up of his countrymen. He used to call every month to make sure he withdrew his SSI money so no money would be in the account. His wife had a full time home attendant. He spent his life serving Russia. They should be giving him benefits. Sorry to sound harsh.

  • High Court halts deportation of detained Haitians

Attorney-at-law, Darren Wade, speaking to a number of Haitians who are being held.

Kaieteur News – Chief Justice (Ag), Roxane George-Wiltshire, last evening placed a hold on an order by Magistrate Sherdel Marcus-Isaacs to deport 26 Haitians back to their homeland.
The stay granted after 6:00 pm, followed an application by attorney-at-law, Darren Wade, in the Georgetown High Court.

Chief Justice (Ag), Roxane George-Wiltshire.

Wade had filed a Fixed Date Application (FDA) which seeks to invoke sections of the fundamental rights provision of the Constitution.
However, during a Zoom hearing of the proceedings last evening, Attorney General(AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, who is representing the State’s interest in the matter, said that the sections only apply to citizens of Guyana and the Commonwealth and other persons who are listed under Article 47 of the Constitution.
β€œHaiti is not one of those territories,” Nandlall said adding that β€œThese persons are aliens under the Constitution.”
Further, the AG said that Haiti has not signed on to the free movement aspect of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) programme under CARICOM.
In light of this, Nandlall contended the court has no jurisdiction to hear the application.
The Chief Justice (CJ), nonetheless, issued an order staying the deportation order of the Magistrate until the hearing and determination of the FDA.
On Tuesday, Principal Magistrate Sherdel Marcus-Isaacs, granted an order for the 26 Haitian nationals, who were detained during a police operation last month, to be deported.
The Association of Haitian Nationals in Guyana, through attorney-at-law Darren Wade, filed a motion in the High Court for the Haitians to be put before the court.
According to Wade, the Haitians were not charged and were not put before any court, making it difficult to understand on what grounds the deportation order is being supported.
The lawyer posited that the Haitians entered Guyana legally and were granted six months stay by the Immigration Department.
The lawyer said that he intends to fight the deportation order in the High Court, since he believes it was wrongfully granted.
According to a press release, the 26 Haitians were discovered between November 7 and November 8, 2020, at a city hotel and in a minibus en route to Linden – Mabura Road.
It is reported that, out of the 24 Haitians discovered, there were 10 males, nine females, two boys and five girls.
The Haitians were being kept in protective custody, while the police force had launched an investigation. The Haitians are suspected to be victims in a human smuggling or trafficking in persons’ operation.
It was recently revealed by Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, during a press conference that the seven Haitian children who were found during the two police operations might not be related to the adults, and they may have been trafficked.
Minister Benn had said that when Haitians enter the country, they usually disappear without any trace. For that reason, when this batch of Haitians entered the country, they were under police surveillance, subsequently leading to them being arrested.
The Minister also told reporters, that he is anticipating the Haitians can be sent back to Haiti shortly and the government will be seeking to implement visa requirements for Haitians who wish to travel to Guyana.
Guyana, as part of CARICOM, had dropped the need of visas for Haitians.

@Ramakant-P posted:

Good job Jagdeo!

Your brain is warped just like Jagdeo, for allowing the Chinese to take over just about all the Indian restaurants in Guyana. Screw up the Skeldon factory, build the Marriott hotel with only Chinese labourers, when there is high unemployment in Guyana.  Demand more money to  complete the CJIA and destroy the forest, while he gets millions from Norway as carbon credits.  Is that how he funded his mansions ?

Does lame brain Jagdeo  know what happens to countries, who invited the Chinese to build projects, that they eventually own it ?

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@Tola posted:

Your brain is warped just like Jagdeo, for allowing the Chinese to take over just about all the Indian restaurants in Guyana. Screw up the Skeldon factory, build the Marriott hotel with only Chinese labourers, when there is high unemployment in Guyana.  Demand more money to  complete the CJIA and destroy the forest, while he gets millions from Norway as carbon credits.  Is that how he funded his mansions ?

Does lame brain Jagdeo  know what happens to countries, who invited the Chinese to build projects, that they eventually own it ?

Amaila Falls. Chinese company using Chinese loan.

@Tola posted:

"Guyana, as part of CARICOM has dropped the need of visas for Haitians".

Typical PPP Benn, making he own rules to implement visa requirement for Haitians.

How about the Chinese that Jagdeo brought and are now in every corner of Guyana ?

Dropping the need for Visas being a Caricom member is one thing. Breaking laws is totally different. Who does the background check on these people and why did they allegedly lie about where they were going to stay?

@GTAngler posted:

Exactly what you said. I was just adding to your list of Chinese funded and labor supplied projects. By the way, if I remember correctly, the uncompleted Amaila Falls Project went from 500 million to almost a billion.

Sorry.  Internationally, the Chinese don't have a good track record with projects. They seem more shrewd than the Japanese to possess the project, when the loan cannot be repaid.  This is a dilemma for some countries, when the Chinese own a part of it.   

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