PNCR 60th Anniversary Day of Sports

PNCR 60th Anniversary Day of Sports / Family Fun Day…Cycling added to today’s programme

-Futsal, Dominoes, Athletics, B/ball also carded

Organisers of today’s PNCR 60th Anniversary Day of Sports / Family Fun Day have added the sport of cycling to the programme, making it an even more exciting proposition to be part of as the Party celebrates its Diamond

The action today promises to be intense as was the case in the 2016 Baker Memorial Cycle Road Race.

Jubilee, at the Mackenzie Sports Club.
Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira had proposed to Chairperson Minister Annette Ferguson, who holds the responsibility of spearheading the 60th Anniversary celebrations that they include cycling following a strong request from members of the cycling fraternity.
She subsequently acquiesced and at late notice added the sport to the list of the day’s activities which will also see participation in futsal, dominoes, track and field and basketball, making it a must see for citizens within and outside the Linden community.
According to the Organisers, the Region 10 community is expected to be flooded by supporters of the Party, but reminded that every Guyanese is invited to come out and support the event which marks 60 years of the political institution’s existence.
Just to emphasise how exciting the day will be, the dominoes and futsal segments are creating headaches for the co-ordinators to reach a cutoff point because of the overwhelming interest shown by teams.
It would appear that the two disciplines are heavily subscribed and with the usual rivalry that exist between visiting teams and Linden, fans could without fear brace themselves for a day of enthralling action.
The top teams from Linden and Georgetown square off for bragging rights with the former already expressing confidence of successfully defending home turf, while the visiting contingents are uttering similar sentiments ahead of today’s showdown.
Future Stars and Sparta Boss will lead the battle for supremacy against their Linden counterparts in the futsal competition, while President of the Guyana National Dominoes Federation Faye Joseph has promised a strong representation of teams from outside Region 10.
The other futsal teams invited are Leopold Street, Tiger Bay, Albouystown ‘A’, Back Circle, West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’, Bent Street, Hustlers, OL Skool Ballers, and Broad Street.
They join Linden’s Silver Bullets, High Rollers, Swag Entertainment, Plantain & Cheese All Stars, Magics, Team 25, Blue Berry Hill, Mike’s Stars and Amelia’s Ward Russians.
The Organisers are reminding all participants who will be using the transportation provided that buses are scheduled to depart the Square of the Revolution at 07:30 hrs so teams and representatives will have to be at the location 30 minutes before departure time to cater for a prompt 10:00 hrs start in Linden.
Meanwhile, the cycling events are seen below:
BMX Boys & Girls; BMX Boys & Girls Open; School Boys & Girls; Novices and Veterans & Seniors.
Pedal off time is 06:00hrs around the Linden community.

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