PNC-led coalition defeated itself based purely on economic reasons

Dear Editor,
Contrary to the PNC-peddled propaganda mill, that its coalition will lose the next election based on racial grounds; that is, Indians being a majority race and as such they have an unfair advantage in numbers, the real reason on the ground tells a vastly different story.
That story is that many failures – too numerous to mention – have been the hallmark of this Government, and this has dogged their path ever since. They have shot themselves in the foot with those numerous retrogressive policies and failed promises, which rendered them helpless and bare before an unforgiving populace out there.
Everyone knew for sure they were headed for imminent failure! The situation has become so desperate that, right now, the PNC is having difficulty attracting a sizable crowd at its own campaign rallies, even to the point where its traditional strongholds are showing apathy and treating it with scant regard. Persons in those areas would have become so fed up with the lies that they have decided to opt for a stay away from such meetings, and those who did come to their rallies were actually there to give token approval to their party.
A stark reminder was seen in their recent visit to Linden, where that community gave them a cold shoulder. Linden’s cold reaction was due to a series of failed programmes and policies by the PNC Government. Those people suffered immensely under this Administration, many have lost their jobs and are now staring at an uncertain future.
The traditional bauxite sector, which took care of over 90 per cent of the job opportunities there, has shrunk during these last five years. I am talking about RUSAL having to lay off many of its workers due to the labour crisis created by this very same Government and its confusing economic policies.
Even those areas left by the PPP/C wherein Lindeners could have earned a sustainable livelihood, like the call centre and the communal logging grants, have all dried up due to the PNC’s backward plans and projections. So, in summary, the PNC-led coalition has nothing to show by way of progress in just one of its cited strongholds. Others trail in like manner.
You would have noticed I have not mentioned the sugar industry or the wider community, but centred my discourse on only one of the PNC’s known stomping ground, where damning results are evident. No wonder they are calling, begging their supporters out on election day to vote for them.
But it would be remiss of me if I did not again highlight the other communities. The wider areas of our country saw closure and taxation taking their heavy toll. These areas also suffered under the heavy, vindictive and dictatorial hand of the PNC. Closure of four estates immediately threw over 7000 workers and those sectors dependent on it onto the breadline. This brought certain poverty in those areas. This is another stark reminder to all that this Government is repressive and needs removal by ballot immediately!
Lastly, while public servants saw higher wages and salaries, the real take-home pay became less and less, as wider society saw an accumulation of over 200 new taxes and a steep rise in the cost of living. So, while the Government speaks of the “good life,” the majority of us are at a loss as to whom that good life beckons.
Neil Adams

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