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How come ONLY the PPP supporters are concern with their leadership? The PNC,AFC,APNU don't care a rats ass who is their leader, presently you have a half dead man as president, then a Neemak as Prime Minister and a cock eye ,ygly jaat as Vice-president, do you hear anybody like Django, Carib, Rawan etal complaining?? NO NO. Let's don't be swayed by these PNC lap dogs and slop carriers for them to tell what the PPP should do, tell them Bugger OFF, mind their business. LONG LIVE THE PPP, leaders will come and go the party lives on.

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So what you think, will there be a win in the next elections ?

I repeat: PPP will win in any free and fair elections. My opinion. 

But will they we able to secure the majority?

Yes. They lost in 2015 by only 4,506 votes, strictly equivalent to a fraction of one seat. In 2016 and 2018 LGEs they won the popular votes. This time they are meticulously and diligently campaigning to secure more popular votes.

Ray posted:

There will be a shake up in the next election...this time a real third party may emerge

May ... may ... may ...    hoping, praying and dreaming ...

The next election will be strictly between the PPPC and the PNCR/AFC.

2015 elections had a difference of about 5, 000 votes between the PPPC and the PNCR/APNU/AFC.

The smaller parties combined got about 2,110 votes.

Briefly, the results are ---

207,201  -- PNCR/APMU/AFC

202,656  -- PPPC

1,099     -- The United Force

342        -- Independent Party

254       -- National Independence Party

418       -- United Republican Party

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