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@Wildflower posted:

Moon a run till day ketch um.....meaning, Night is here.

Bucket a go well everyday one day e bottom gon get hole....meaning, Be prepared.

Wha fall from u head does land pun u shoulder....meaning, If a bird took a dump on yo head, wash it off real fast or it could run down and dirty your nice nice Arrow dress shirt.

Do fu do nah Obeah....oh well what can I say?  Actually, I always thought this one lil stupidy.

@Mitwah posted:

There is a whole list with meanings here:

Interesting stuff!

Did u see the ones that I queried? Maybe is missed them.

I am sure we all heard ole ppl say some stuff and wondered what exactly they talking about…sheer cak n bull😃

@cain posted:

Cainstah since u put ur answer in ur quote of what I wrote, dem ppl say I can’t quote you….me like u interpretations….

someone explained “ do fuh do”  so is like if u tek u neighbour wife and tek u wife then all is fair n square …so no obeah or un-natural element involved

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