Over 200 students receive donations from Mrs. Nagamootoo

Over 200 students receive donations from Mrs. Nagamootoo

DPI Guyana, Wednesday May 16, 2018


Two hundred and fifty East Berbice Primary and Nursery school students yesterday received mementoes from Sita Nagamootoo, wife of Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo. The students from Albion Front Nursery School and Alness Primary School, received water bottles, books and other educational materials.

This gesture was in fulfillment of a promise made by Mrs. Nagamootoo on a previous trip.  In September 2016, a newly built bus shed, donated by Mr. Reagan Persaud of the USA, was handed over by Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo, to the Alness Village residents. This bus shed was intended to especially benefit students of the Alness Primary School. Mrs. Nagamootoo had then promised that she would revisit the area.

Mrs. Nagamootoo further encouraged the children to focus on their academics, be confident, have fun and always be diligent.

Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo is garlanded by a student of Alness Primary School Albion Front Primary School

“You have to try and grow up and be very strong… you are the future of Guyana, you will be the teachers, lawyers, doctors, farmers, engineers, policemen. You will be everything”, Mrs. Nagamootoo said. She added, “Nothing is really difficult if you work hard towards achieving that goal.”

Headmistress of Albion Front Nursery School Shondelle Fordyce-Chung told the Department of Public Information (DPI), “Today I’m very proud because my school was chosen among the rest. I can say that Mrs. Nagamootoo is doing a very good job and we the teachers and the students can assure her that we will make good use of the donations.”

Vanessa Williams, Senior Mistress of Alness Primary School was elated that her students received helpful tools. “I think it is a great initiative of the Office of the Prime Minister. I know no doubt that we are the envy of many today for Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo’s team has to come all the way to Alness Primary School.”

Of the 250 students, 158 students are enrolled in Alness Primary School and the other 92 are enrolled in Albion Front Nursery School.

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how come no black kids in this pix.....just asking.

You think Sita is a racist? The answer is Django wants to show that Indian kids are benefiting from the PNC Gov’t.  He would not have posted it if there were black kids in the pic.

If you had used your noodle and click on source,it would have proven i have not omitted any pictures.

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