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Asalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu
Inna lilaahi wa Inna elaihi roji'oon.
From Allah we came and to him is our eventual return.
With trust in Allah,
I announce the passing of my dearest and beloved Mother, Baldora Rasheed, known as Julie, of Queens, New York and formerly Seafield, Leanora. West Coast Demarara. She passed on the evening of December 16th, at the age of 79.
She was the wife of the late Ahmad Rasheed (known as Checker); sister to Lynette, the late Khalil (known as Kat), the late Mike, the late Jean, and the late Dispenser Ahmad.
Mother of Ishmael, Neil, Fazie, and Riaz; mother-in-law of Zaman Ally (known as Duke) and Wafa Rasheed; grandmother of Nishaun, Nashad, Zakariya, Amar, Sarah, Amir, Niko, Eyana, and Rayshawn; great-grandmother to Aayah and Dhiyaa.
Together, we pray and ask Allah to forgive her, make her abode a place of bliss, and grant her the honor of entering Jannatul Firdaws. I ask Allah to give us and her loved ones and grant us the strength to endure this time in a manner that pleases Allah.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the family is not accepting visitors at this time. We appreciate your understanding and condolences.
Janazah details TBA
For more information:
Fazie: 347-954-7454
Neil: 646-755-4730
Ishmael: 917-747-9305
Please keep her in your duas.
Jazaakumullahu Khairan
Raj Chandrapal
On behalf of LeoVision Canada.
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