Demerara_Guy posted:

Quite interesting that; except for a polite greeting from the Obamas; the Trumps were neglected and ignored by the others.

Obama has class. Trump brought so much resentment to an institution like the Presidency. I listened to President Bush Jr speech and he acknowledged the special relationship with his father and President Bill Clinton.

Trump should have extended a handshake to the Clintons especially at a funeral and when millions of Americans were watching. 

Trump brought disgrace to the office of the President. He and he wife’s mouth looked long like curass when they sat down. Nehru Bhai described it best by calling him a Pakoo mouth.

alena06 posted:

He wasn’t invited to Barbara’s funeral...

It is customary for the sitting president to say something, but he was not invited to do so. Canadian Prime Minister was invited to talk, Brian Mulronry how poetic.

Demerara_Guy posted:

All alone with so much people in the midst ...

Et iz dee dumb_dumb DoodooDooonaldski ...

Image result for Trump at Bush funeral

Perhaps he was muttering ....

"I want to be tweeting rather than being here."

Sammy Davis Jr. and the Rat Pack. The most powerful men in the world, distinguished in killing ppl. Everyone has blood on their hands. Only Donald doan have blood on his because he is for America.

The man took off his coat and Don Lemon nearly got a fit from it, claiming he acted like a Mafia boss. Donald is a boss alright, the boss of AMERICA-not the world.

THE MAN is THE MAN, confident of himself and of the elite American class. The Rat pack had to ingratiate themselves into prominence.

Donald Trump, shook the hands of the man and wife who hates him in the public sphere and he Donald did it knowing he pissed dem off from the day he challenged Barack of his citizenship of a white mother and Kenyan father who was a student in Hawaii. Mrs. Obama was never the Presidential Candidate. Why is she so upset? Is wan half white man being challenged by a full white man. 

A Black American male will one day get their opportunity. And Donald will be happy about that. 

D2 posted:
Baseman posted:

Why don’t you people leave the man alone?

the unfortunate thing is he is one like him and no one wants to be like him

Lots a coolie ppl doan like you for your anti-indo opinions. Are you alone in this world?

skeldon_man posted:
alena06 posted:

He wasn’t invited to Barbara’s funeral...

It's a good thing he wasn't asked to speak at 41's funeral. We might have heard collusion, witch hunt, Crooked Hillary, inauguration crowd, voter fraud,...etc.  

America is at war within.  Trump is at war with the deep state.  The heads of the anti Trump Lernaean Hydra were sitting next to him!

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