Nehru posted:

Seigy, not like this AND not encouraged and condone by any president of the United states!!

Trump says it at his rallies. CNN and Colored Politicians spins it until he gives them another bone to chew on. Dey are like dogs and Trump is their master. He gets them to do his tricks.

For the 24 hour coverage of Trumps every words, some ppl are getting angrier juss from listening to the same things over and over. 

Last night on TMZ, this singer was so upset at Trump's comment of Baltimore, he could not stop swearing.

Civility no longer exists in America-everybody has to tek some blame.

Can you believe that the same America elected a blackman as president and then turns around and elects Trump. What happened to the electorate during the Obama years. Maybe the Afro-American became disillusioned and leff the country to the Whites.  

This is what the dummy wants to do.

US legislators should pass tougher gun control laws and possibly “marry” them to immigration reform, President Donald Trump tweeted. It comes ahead of an announcement on gun violence which he promised to deliver later on Monday.

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