Jagdeo is de centre of everything

Every living thing that can breathe and smell love sugar. You put down sugar, ants, bees even li’l children does push dem tongue in it.Sugar mek Jagdeo, that scamp, learn to thief. He mamma use to send him to de store to buy groceries and he use to full sugar in ee pocket.

He tun president and decide that nobody must eat sugar suh he bruck up de sugar industry. He buy a US$8 million corn flour plant fuh grind sugar cane at Skeldon and seh he pay US$200 million.De thing never grind a pound of cane. De workers use to throw balls inside and de factory couldn’t grind dem workers balls. It surely didn’t grind Jagdeo own.
That was de beginning of de collapse of de sugar industry. Now this scamp putting blame pun Komal Chand and others.
Is de same thing he do wid thiefing Exxon. He sign a secret contract giving away all of Guyana to de oil company. Today he blaming de new govt.De oil company give Guyana a bill fuh US$460 million from 1999 to 2013, de exact period when he, Jagdeo, was president.
Exxon did only buy a few plane tickets to come here and meet him over those years and now we hearing that Guyana owe US$460 million to Exxon even before dem bring a hose, a pipe or a generator.
Dem boys seh that half of that money is kickback to Jagdeo, money that he done collect. That was de beginning of kickbacks to dem politicians and it continue to today.
No wonder he can build a US$5 million mansion when his entire life salary ain’t even meet US$1 million, even if he never spend a dollar from it. And de US$5 million don’t include de half million US chandelier.
If you think dem boys incorrect, do de Maths. Check wheh he wuk, how much he use to get against his mansion alone.
Talk half and hope Exxon stop de scampishness and look back at de contract wha dem using to rob de babies of dem milk in Guyana.

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