Only in Guyana…A wanted Brazilian killer get legal gun and wuk permit

Only in Guyana…A wanted Brazilian killer get legal gun and wuk permit

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All it tekking is one dead man to show how some people use to run racket when Jagdeo, that scamp, was president. Jagdeo did know about everything. He know wha every single Minister do under him; every perks dem grab.
Everybody know that if a man commit a crime in Guyana and go to any country, he would never get a legal driver’s licence much less a legal firearm licence.

But a man who kill ee wife, end up in a jail in Brazil, kill in de jail and then get away from de same jail and end up in Guyana. De whole Brazil police looking fuh him but Guyana is a God-send to any criminal.

Why you think Jagdeo still in Guyana? De place is a safe haven fuh him. De Brazilian come and change he name. He meet Cement Roti and See-All, pay a big piece as opposed to a small piece, and he get not one gun licence, but more than one.

He had to get a work permit and only Cement Roti coulda grant that.

One of de man friend tell dem boys that Cement Roti and See-All use to proppa draw down.

This man get kill in de bush three days ago and as usual when a man dead is everything people does hear.

Dem boys hear Roti and See-All draw down from all dem Brazilians and all dem odda foreigners wha deh in de back dam.

Dem boys checking to see if de man wha get killed get a Guyana passport and who authorize and issue it. Dem know who issue de gun licence, and dem know who issue de work permit.

Wha dem boys want to know is how much foreign criminal deh in Guyana and got work permit and carrying gun. Dem boys did hear that BaiShanLin bring some criminals to Guyana to wuk cheap. Dem deh all over pun all dem projects.

When dem boys talk bout de Chinee prisoners de hembassy people get vex and deny. Dem boys did interview two of dem same workers who seh dem come out of prison and end up in Guyana but when people check pun dem, de two disappear, never to be seen again.

Talk half and hope Soulja Bai clean up Jagdeo mess.

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Drugb posted:

The fact is that it was the corrupt PNC police organization that gave the man gun license. The Min of Home affairs does not issue gun license.


Follow the money bai, if you can. Must be one rich Brazilian OR he might have helped the PNC freedom fighters to acquire illegal arms from Brazil. He wants a licensed gun just in case things blow up and he gets caught.

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