One–foot man keeping one step ahead of police

Apr 25, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...tep-ahead-of-police/

People like to talk bout disabled people and how dem must get help. But right now de police would jail anybody who get ketch helping a disabled man. Dem blue vex because de man wid he one foot keeping one step ahead of dem.

This man shoot and kill a man because he see dem stripping a truck. That wasn’t all. De man kidnap; de odda man who been wid de one who get shoot. That is when de story start. De man who dem kidnap getaway. Then de police ketch two of de killers.

Since then dem looking fuh this one foot man. De Human Rights people seh de police should lef de man. But de commissioner seh if dem human rights people know wha good fuh demself dem better keep out of this one.

Not so long ago when people commit a crime in Guyana dem use to run to Venezuela to hide. Now when dem running to Venezuela dem seeing people running this side. Dem had a man who kill he father in law and run to Venezuela. He hide right deh fuh years, more than twelve years. Hard card brace him in Venezuela.

He tell dem boys things was so rough that he rather come to Guyana and face de gallows than fuh stay over there. He still in de jail and he smiling because he getting three square meals every day.

But is this one-foot man who got people betting pun him. De police did pick up de trail but de man smart dem. He tek off de cork foot and mek it look like if he walking in de odda direction.

Anodda time he cross into Kurupung then double back. He hoping to get to Brazil but dem people deh got a problem wid Guyanese. Dem seh Guyanese kill couple Brazilians and dem got to get revenge.

When last dem boys hear de man was walking back to Bartica but he and de police using different route.

Talk half and remember not all disabled people helpless

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