This week will be filled with drama, more than last week. More shit to hit the fan.  Obama’s era of 3rd World political corruption of the institutions will come to light.  It was good for America these corruptocrats got whacked!

Guyana and the PPP needs this type of democratic revolution to save it from itself!

Baseman posted:

The Liberal media!  They control the nation’s minds.  They create wars and conflict.  They don’t like Trump because he confounded them and made them look stupid.  So they want to prove they were right!

Trump made people look stupid? The only people he made look stupid are his own and it looks good on them.

Other than McCabe most of his people are robots with their dam..yes massa you say the sky is green with purple clouds, whatever you say massa you are right.

Leonora posted:

Hey Baseman, what do you think will happen tonight? Love Nancy Pelosi; great role model for women worldwide. Did you catch any part of her 8-hour speech in 4" heels and no bathroom breaks? What a woman!

No I did not. Was busy at work now heading home.   

I think she is a smart woman and understands the people’s issues.   I wish she would find common ground with the Trumpster.  

And she is a sexy old lady!

Demerara_Guy posted:
ksazma posted:

Wonder what sh!t Trump is going to step into. Image result for trump

In his speech today, Trump blubber sadly with the statement ....

"The Democrats did not cheer for me at the State of the Union session."

He wants to fire Jeff Session?

Dah banna is de real fire rass. Look yeah.. dah man should just fire everyone, he needs no one, he is the best. No one knows more than he does so why does he need people around him. He should also fire air force one pilot and fly it himself, fire the kitchen staff.. who the rass need em when u got McD. Fire all those who guard him he can dodge anything heading his way rass. Fire Melania who needs her when he got Ivanka. Last of all he should fire God because he knows more than there is to know about any and everything.

Oh yeh I nearly forgot. He should fire whoever does his hair...they does mek e look bald.

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