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Vish,,,,who running this thing? My brother used to work with Chan a long time she part of this?

Its great.

We have no link with any Adult Day Care nor with any church.

It is open to all with focus with the elders from the Caribbean

very good.  This is an emerging crisis as those who arrived in the 60s and 70s are now ageing and our family structure is changing.


This is so true for the following reasons

Most of our "now seniors" are either just above the poverty threshold of $825 per month, This is assuming that they contribute to the Social Security system for more than 10 years and earn the mandatory 40 points for Medicare and Social Security.

Most of our seniors are contributing somewhere between $104.90 and $134 per month from this meager income level

AT the Richmond Hill Adult Day Care Center we doing the following:

We review their Social Security statement and help to get this contribution returned retroactively.

We also identity Insurance Carriers that will give  somewhere between $79 to $120 per month as part of their Over The Counter (OTC) credit

We will also be enabling the Home Health Aides to get $16.09 per hour. They must come with their seniors to register on Wednesday December 27th at 130-11 Liberty Ave from 10:00 am

Call me for more information 

Vishnu Mahadeo 347 484-0565

Most of our Seniors got their INCOME LETTER from the Dept of Social Security.

Please send them to 130-11 Liberty Ave from 10:00 Am to 2:00 Pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Many will be see that the US Govt is taking up to $134 per month before they get their checks, so many does not know about this deduction as it is taken before they get their check

Most or all seniors would have received their Social Security Yearly statement already

Please check how much is deducted from thier payment ($104.90 thru $134) per month.

Lets them come to Liberty Palace 130-11 Liberty Ave, Richmond Hill NY 11419 so I can get this deduction returned and in many cases retroactively

Every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 Am thru 2:00 PM


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