In a Jones Cup match between Berbice and Demerara, Baichan and Romain settled in at the wicket, while No 3 batsman Munilal settled in with a few others behind a large bottle of XM Rum. Not long after lunch, Romain was lbw and Munilal suddenly realized he was seeing three of everything. 

His teammates told him not to worry, because all he had to do was hit the middle ball. Nodding in agreement, he went to the middle, tried to tickle his first ball down the leg side and was bowled off stump! 

When he got back to the pavilion, his teammates asked him, "What happened? Did you play the wrong ball?" 

Munilal replied, "No, the wrong bowler!"

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I see Riff changed his nick back to the original. Who are those cricketers in the pic? 

the fella on laying on the pitch after hitting ah six is Rohan Kanhai

Ah, my favorite cricketer. About 10 years ago a guy had a bet with me that Ro married Bollywood's Reena Roy. I told him that she married Pak cricketer Mohsin Khan, and I won $500.   Ro married a Canje beauty.

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