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@Athena posted:

At Guyanese Hindu weddings, when the groom is ready to depart the bride's residence with his bride, his shoes are hidden, and he has to pay big bucks to get them back! Last year my niece-in-law married a white dude, and my prankster sis-in-law played this trick on the groom. It was hilarious.   

Here is a song for that occasion.

Joote ( Shoes) Paise (money) Le lo ( Please give)

@Mitwah posted:

Proud to be of Indian descent. Sang this at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial site in India.

Does (Mary Millen) nothing to or for me, Mits! Maybe because I love Rodgers & Hart, the Gershwins, Kern, Hammerstein with a bit of Porter and Berlin thrown in, all American culture! Which is the most beautiful Indian song you've ever heard? I'd like to hear it! Once an Indian convenience store owner was surprised and pleased a song from.the movie "Sangam"! Dost e dost whatever! I never learned the language!

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@Mitwah posted:

@shallyv, My all time favorite is Suhani Raat

Good but still ordinary! Try the one I mentioned from Sangam, if you can let me hear it again! I wish I knew how to upload the ones i loved, especially the one by Asha that made me cry though I didn't know her language! Probably struck.a sympathehic nerve in my brain! Once, in a local bar in.Georgetown, an.Indo became annoyed because I had played a song ny.Asha'sister, Lata, too many times in his opinion! So, I played it some more to annoy him some.more! I just didn't.give a sh*t because I was destroying myself for losing something that was beyond estimation!! Sex, drink, fighting, anything distracting!

@Mitwah posted:

@shallyv, This an evergreen by Asha Boshle. Sorry for dem babes whose name was Monica. And this song was done 50 years ago.

Thanks! I loved her singing! An Afro guy I worked with in Guyana didn't like Indian singing because he thought the women's singing had a nasal quality to it! I don't know what he was talking about!

I love the singing of the AfroAmerican singer Ella Fitzgerald, called the First Lady of Song in America, and have listened to her singing for hours cell phone. I described her singing like musical gold being poured into my ears! She was a musician without par! Funny thing is, she thought Billie Holiday's singing was better than hers! BS to me!

Those were (are they still alive?) two wonderful singers, weren't they, Latta and Asha?!!

I liked the dancing, too!

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@Mitwah posted:

@mud_flap, I admire the dexterity of the Tablaji also the Guitarist. All the musicians did well and they are from Pakistan.

Thanks! That was FANTASTIC! If that group should ever tour the US they might revolutionize music in, not only America, but the entire Western world! As I've previously stated, India could become the greatest nation in the world eventually! But I'm worried about this Hindustan idea of Mad i! The Brahmins are behind this, I'm sure!

What colour is the brain?

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@mud_flap posted:

There is a documentary on them. I’m not sure who is streaming it but here is a preview:

It’s not surprising that they are from Pakistan as most of the top Tabla players are from there, like Tari Khan my favourite.

Religion DOES spoil everything, doesn't it?!! I posit once more, religion is NONSENSE! I hope India and Pakistan will someday re-unite!

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Imagine the British drew a line and divided the ancient lands of Punjab and award the alien muslims all its culture, history and music and portion of its lands. Muslims had no artistic interests. Once in Lahore, they accquired Punjabi culture which is widely accepted by Pakistanis in the arts.

Ofcourse, the Dravidians who found the Aryans to be annoying vacated the lands called the Punjabs. Perhaps, they knew once the Hitties came the Oghuz will follow, who really are the peoples of the North.