My dad was buried today

My dad was buried today on Tuesday October 3, 2017. I won't miss him because he is with me in spirit. He fell in the house and suffered a fractured shoulder and a hematoma to the head due to a possible hit on the table in the living room. He was not able to see well and walk with much strength and that may have caused him to fall. My mother discovered him on the floor a few moments after the fall. He died on the 29th of September, 2017 and was hospitalized for I think a week prior. I am here in the Bronx home of my parents right now. I should have left Rockland country when I heard he was hospitalized and went to see him and maybe my faith would have restored him. I did not know his condition was quite that serious. The video is of the viewing on October 2, 2017-Monday. The pastor is from my mother's church. My father was in the police force in Guyana, and served at Canje and other places like Reliance compound. He grew up in no. 69 village in the Corentyne. His number is 6402. I am using his computer at this moment.


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how old was he Ron

He was 79. When I went to Guyana I think in 1981 I went to 79 village (Skeldon) to see my Auntie (my father's sister) Cramma. There is a correlation with 1981. There is correlation with his police number 6402. My mother's safe code also correlates. These are omens planned by evil and I must uncover IT. Dtbuphlcdjfmvnk.

Sincere condolences on the loss of you dad RAA. May you and your family have the courage and strength to get through your grief. It must be very difficult for you mom right now. Tonight makes one year since my mother in law was taken from our house to the hospital and she never came back from the hospital. My father in law couldn't deal with her loss and succumbed three weeks after her. Your mom is more in need of everyone's support than anyone can ever imagine. Be there for her as there will be some very trying times going forward. Hang in there for yourself and her. God's speed.

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