What is usually left out of the conversation is the vast number of slaves who came over as Muslims before the founding of America and early American Muslims who took part in the formation and development of America. The narrative that American Muslims are 'foreigners' does great disservice to their early struggles and legacy.

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Chief posted:

Trump  and his GNI puppies has done nothing, made no contribution and they are speaking about banning Muslims.

 Nehru says he agree with Trump.

When a STINKING LIAR , life long stinking LIAR like you can show where I agree with Trump to Ban all Muslim, I will jump off the GW Bridge. Is lying and cheating that got you rich or was it worst than that???  You slimebag piece of CRAP!!!!

Nehru people like you are known to commit suicide, HOWEVER PLEASE DO NOT GO JUMP OFF THE GWB..

Just admit that you did say that you agree with Trump on his stance with Muslims.

You did say that.

Bro you can lie and continue to fabricate lies against Muslims in NY BUT YOU CANNOT ESCAPE GOD.

Deny that Riff and I did not inform you to go to the closest FBI office when you said the Masjids are preaching terrorism.

Come on Nehru, be a man and admit that you made up all of the above against innocent Muslims.

Muslims has their families and businesses to protect, just like other Americans and when you come on a public forum and  make these false  allegations its just not fair.

How will you like for someone to fabricate you and your place of worship?

YOU have children Bro, so stop digging holes for Muslims.It is not right.

Iask you to provide one piece of evidence that Muslims are building Mosques with FOREIGN MONEY.



Do not bear false witness this is stated in the holy Bible.

Come on Nehru this is not child's play with your fabrications against the Guyanese Muslim community.

Nehru posted:

Either you just came out of Berbice Mad House or you were always a STINKING, LYING mental case.  In which case you should be forgiven for your ignorance, illiteracy and plain stupidity!!!

That is exactly how Trump answers when he is confronted with his fabrications.

Are you  now denying that you never said that Guyanese Masjids are preaching terrorism?

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