Murder accused Chinese nationals jailed for illegal entry


Feb. 9 2019

Three Chinese nationals recently arrested for illegal entry are wanted for murder in Brazil and China.

Zhou Ou, Yix Zheny and Dagvi Wong appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in Georgetown, where the illegal entry charges were read against them with the aid of a translator and they were subsequently sentenced.   The charges against the three state that between December 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018, at Lethem, they entered Guyana illegally by crossing a land frontier and failed to present themselves to an immigration officer.

They all pleaded guilty.

Police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield told the court that police intercepted the defendants on February 5th at Lethem and asked them to present their passports. When the police checked the documents, it was revealed that the accused illegally entered Guyana. It was further revealed that the defendants came into the country by means of a bus from Brazil.

Mansfield added that when Interpol was contacted and checks were made in relation to the three foreign nationals, it was revealed that they were wanted for murder in both Brazil and China.

When granted the opportunity to speak, the defendants gave a similar account of what transpired to the court. However, they maintained that the murder allegations against them were false and made known their desire to be sent back to China for their matters to be heard there.

The Chief Magistrate later sentenced each man to two months in jail and ordered that they be escorted to the nearest port of exit for deportation upon the conclusion of their sentence.

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